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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

42mm Samurai group shot

Here is my current group of 42mm (Steve Barber Models) samurai standing on my new display base. There are 60 figures here with space enough for 3 more (not including the space at the top corners where I have terrain elements.) I can also drop another 15 figures along the front on the ground level if I want ... and I do.

I use these for skirmish gaming, mostly using a converted Red Sands, Black Moon ruleset by Two Hour Wargames. I've got plenty of ronin, peasants, ninja, monks, a pair of Edo street gangs, one Zatoichi, and a few representatives of my own little fictional clan. I eventually want to add some figures to represent a rival clan (maybe with the next commission) and maybe a few more monks, but otherwise, I'm pretty satisfied with this collection. There are more than enough for just about any skirmish game. If I had extra money, I might consider commissioning some civilians.

This is actually not the entire collection; I still have my armored samurai bushi, which are still for sale ($400 for the lot pictured below, includes domestic shipping.) Plenty of figures -- enough for a small skirmish (such as in "Ronin" by Osprey.)