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Monday, November 17, 2014

Rogue Planet: Nyarla, Rifle and Gun Gladiator

Here are the first of my 54mm (Bronze Age Miniatures) figures converted specifically to play the new skirmish game "Rogue Planet."

The orange on Nyarla (the tentacle-headed figure) started with "rust" color (from the out of production Reaper Pro Paint series -- probably the best quality paints there ever were -- even better than Vallejo.) It was followed up with the Foundry orange and yellow ochre triads.
Nyarla is my favorite; she doesn't have a lot going on -- not a lot of details, but I like her organic form and movement contrasted against the hard metal of the triple-barreled heavy machine gun.

I kept the rifle/sniper woman simple. She got a pair of boots, some hair and a big cape. And to make her slightly more safe for work, I gave her an alien mix of purple and green skin. The colorful skin and big cape were done deliberately: I wanted the figure to say, "Yeah, I'm a sniper and I'm right here, so what are you going to do about it?"

The last figure serves as sort of a transition figure between all of these new ranged weapon fighters and the original melee fighters (some of whom include heavily themed gladiators.) To make things simple with arming the new figures, I decided the main battle rifles ("carbines" in the game Rogue Planet) would be held/worn through an armored gauntlet (manica.) This warrior is one of my basic foot soldiers.

So there will be plenty to come over the next couple weeks. All of the new apocalators are based, primed and ready to paint. I just have to put paint to figure.


  1. I like how you did the skin of them - smells like sweat and blood!! Aaargh
    Fantastic job, as usual!!

  2. I love Brent Spivey's games. Fun to find someone else who does too!