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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Rogue Planet: Soldier

Here's another of my Rogue Planet-specific figures, this one based on my Nyarlathotepic aliens.
He's armed with a gloved/manica carbine and has some unique armor to fit his body, all made from green stuff.

The Rogue Planet figure painting is going a little slower than I had expected; I've been coming home tired from work. But I'll try to pick it up a little here. I work through the holidays, but I certainly have time to paint. I'm actually almost halfway through this batch of 10, so it shouldn't be too long.

In other minis news, I'm close to pulling the trigger on another (42mm) samurai commission with Steve Barber. I've got the pose chosen (hasso no kamae.) I just want to make one more run through the net for some reference photos. The more reference pics I can provide, the easier it is for Steve to sculpt. I'm guessing I'll get a completed figure in a nice area of time before I start receiving a bulk of Kickstarter projects I backed a few months ago -- especially Zombicide and Mercs; there'll be plenty to paint between those two.