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Monday, April 11, 2011

D&D Classes: Sneak Peak at the final piece (WIP)

Here's a look at what's on the table right now. Still have to finish painting the Sorcerer, warlock and druid. When they're done, I'll have all 13 core classes from every edition of D&D represented by a mini.

When this project is finished, I have a few options: I can finish painting all the figures I have used as D&D characters; I can paint up a small company of goblins (and one cyclops) to give my D&D figures something to fight; or I can spend some more money and go out to buy some classic D&D monsters such as the beholder, gelatinous cube, dragon (that would come last), slimes, hooked horrors, owlbears etc.


  1. Get some otherworld old school D&D stuff!

  2. Is that the full range of P3 paints in background? It looks like more color range than I am used to...

  3. you gotta do the goblins and the classic monsters.

    A group of kobolds, skeletons, and goblins is a must. A cube, a slime, an owlbear, a bugbear and a couple of gnolls. Oh and a few orcs.

    I may have to do this project. I kinda already started it getting figs together to play Song of Blades. which I would highly recommend as a great skirmish game that would be perfect for this number of figs.

  4. Heiki: Wow, wonderful retro-looking stuff at Otherworld Minis! Shipping doesn't look too exhorbitant; I may have to try a few of those. For now, I'm gonna stick with my goblins, since I already own them (and they're primed :)

    Alan: Those are maybe about 1/4 to 1/3 of the Foundry range. But as they run out, I'll probably be replacing the jars with P3 to save money.

    Ken: I love Song and Blades, though I prefer Chain Reaction: Swordplay (Two Hour Wargames), simply for it's better solitaire play. That, and it's free. (Though, there is no magic in it, if I remember correctly.)