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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Danu Warrior

This is not part of my D&D Classes collection, but it is a figure I used as a D&D character about 10 years ago. I forgot what class (or multiclass) I played. I figured he'd be a nice addition to the other figures in my small fantasy collection. In fact, I have all but one of the figures I've used in D&D (I even have one from when I played 2nd edition.) The one figure I'm missing, I know which make and manufacturer it is; I should just get another copy and paint'em up. Maybe, if I remember, I'll post a group shot of all my D&D characters along with my post for when I finish my D&D Classes project.

This figure's cloak is painted up straight-up with Foundry Storm Blue. This was close to the color it was originally (before I stripped it down to repaint this week.) I also chose Storm blue to get a little practice as well as see how it looked on a cloak, because I plan to use storm blue on my sorcerer (which IS for my D&D project.) I want my sorcerer to be blue since my wizard is predominantly orange, so that they could "compliment" each other.

I'm also painting a couple other fantasy figures that are not part of the D&D project, one of which is another old Confrontation figure. I have a lot of'em (just about the whole Sessair collection.) Maybe I'll dig a few more out later if the D&D project goes well and fast. They are challenging to paint, but I enjoy painting them, and Rackham's figures reward a patient brush.

Also: I found out Monks in 1st edition (AD&D) were proficient with spears, so I'm keeping my original monk in this project. I've also chosen druid and warlock figures; they've been ordered and should be shipped soon. And that's all the figures I need to complete all the D&D core classes from original to 4th ed. Next up here should be either the sorcerer or the bard.

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