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Friday, February 17, 2012

42mm samurai: Red ninja

And here's the last of the 42mm samurai that were on my table. Why red? Why not? I had to have a little fun, and who's to say what the hell color I can paint my minis? In fact, especially for you Napoleonic painters out there, don't let anyone criticize your color selections. If anyone ask why you used a certain color, just say, "Because that's the color I wanted to paint it."

Though, honestly, if it were me and someone criticized my colors and asked why, I'd just tell them, "Fuck you, that's why."

Honestly, it's refreshing to paint with colors that don't fit at all. Try some figures with purple skin, or pink clothes or yellow camouflage (and not just fantasy or sci-fi figures- try it on a random extra historical figure). Think Andy Warhol or Wayne Thiebaud. Use the exercise to freshen up your brush skills without your mind preoccupied with palette selection.

Now it's time for the old-school cyclops! Yellow with purple and pink poka-dots for skin! Nah, I'll keep him traditional.

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