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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Qwik 54mm: Female Chain

This figure more decidedly has a post-apocalyptic look: rags, rusted metal and a good ole fashioned road warrior mohawk. I'm happy with her style; She's just enough scifi/post-apoc without going overboard. I'm also happy with the low-key colors (aside from the blue warpaint.)

Since this chain player's pose wasn't in mid-swing with her chain, I was able to use a more traditional looking chain. The chain was just some cheap chain in Hobby Lobby's bead section (it's actually listed as "cable.") $3 for 18 inches of chain, I think it was.

I'm not sure which figure I'll paint next. Perhaps the other chain player, maybe another driver. I'll know once I start painting.

Quick note: Hmm, I think this figure is awfully close to what I would do if I were to sculpt up some Picts for my 54mm Conan figure to fight (except for the chain weapon and armor; I think it's the colors/warpaint and style that I like). The look is not necessarily what Howard describes (short, stocky with long hair), but perhaps I could do one of the pictish tribes only mentioned in passing in Howard's stories, and make it my own.
What am I doing- I still have many other projects to do :)

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  1. Just what I was looking for- nice,rusty armour and face paint, thanks for the inspiration.