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Friday, May 27, 2011

Qwik 54mm: Freelance driver

Here's an extra driver for whomever needs a replacement during the course of a game. I'm informally calling him the Green Knight.

His pack is made up of a couple extra jerry cans from a Tamiya kit, some copper wire for rope, and packs and bedroll from green stuff. The weapon has a styrene cutting head wrapped with twine onto a brass rod, capped at bottom with a filed down mace head.


  1. Hi, just one question: you're freelance have a huge backpack, I think this is to get the idea of people without home, ever travelling, so it's ok... but since you plan to play them in game, is'nt a bit odd this heavy backpack?

    This is one, another is about weapons, ok that rust is a must, but is'nt too rusty? A blade so battered will snap in no time, and more important, are'nt a bit to letal? Is'nt supposed to be a sport, violence is ok, but with those tools of trade killing would be on a daily basis :D

    After all this chatting, as usual a beautiful piece :D

  2. He has the backpack, because he was really an extra figure, so I intended him just to be a display piece; a wandering jugger looking for a game, or an explorer to discover my waiteri tribe. Also, I plan on using these figures for games other than Qwik (Scifi RPGs, skirmish etc. I have nothing specific planned.)

    And yes, WAY too much rust, and MUCH too lethal. But I figured it's science fiction anyway, I might as well have fun :)

  3. I love your project man! This one is my favourite so far.