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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tramp steamer crew: Conversions

Here is my tramp steamer crew (to crew my river steamer for now). They are all Copplestone Casting figures, most converted, a couple not. It's difficult to see, but the first officer is carrying a megaphone to give commands across the ships and to communicate with other ships. The Able Bodied sailor to the far right has a hook to haul in lines from the wharf. The cook in the middle isn't quite finished; I'm going to put a knife in his right hand. The first Able Bodied sailor was made from one of those boxers from the Street Toughs pack I've so often used.

And my favorite conversion is the "swabby." He was originally the standard bearer figure from Copplestone's Russian Sailor Command pack. Now he gloriously swabs floors for the revolution.

I'm happy with this crew. I wanted a tramp steamer crew, and I wanted a crew that would fit alongside my other Copplestone figures- and there were just enough figures and possibilities to get this set started.

All the pinning and converting is finished on my Street Corner civilians and tramp crew; bases are sculpted and greenstuff is curing. Tomorrow, I start priming and Thursday, I start basing. Hopefully I'll have something painted by the end of this weekend.


  1. Great conversions, I especially like the swabby!

  2. Swabby is my fav, too. It was figuring out that I could do that conversion that helped me decide to create the rest of a crew.

    Painting is coming along fast, by the way. I should have something to post in the next few days. Swabby will be painted later.