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Monday, August 24, 2009

Nightmares and horrors (D&D repaints)

A friend of mine (Jeff) gave me these great Cthulhu-esque figures from the D&D miniatures game. I've finally painted up a bunch of them for use in a game (D&D rpg). These were fantastically easy to paint. Most of it was just a lot of dry and overbrushing, a little bit of blending and some minor detail work (eyes and teeth.)
I'm especially happy with how the corruption corpses turned out (the zombie-looking figures.) Up close, the detail isn't the best, but the colors (in my opinion) work great together. I used a couple flesh tones, a couple red tones, a touch of white for bone and some citadel sepia ink.
I'm gonna have to hit Jeff up for some more! :)
Then again, I think I might just be able to make my own chaos beasts (the three giant masses of flesh and tentacle) using Sculpey; this has made it onto my list of potential projects for next week.

Quick note on repainting prepainted minis: I tried Testors primer on a couple of these, but the primer made the soft plastic tacky. I solved my problem by simply painting on a layer of black acrylic paint to act as a primer (I used craft paint). And there was no trouble at all. I don't plan on varnishing these; I think the paint on plastic will be durable enough, especially since there aren't a lot of soft, bendy tentacles or antenna.


  1. That is fantastic : )

    PS: Jamie sent me.

  2. Nice work! You should consider applying for a position in the Wizards painting factory :D.