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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Some finished, some not (Goblins and Ogre)

Here are a couple more goblins I've finished painting, and an Ogre who still needs work. The goblins are mine; the ogre is Jeff's.

Vampire update: I got the figure, and it is sweet! I've done a little conversion work, but I don't want to show the results just yet. The figure and conversion came out good enough that I want to take my time and try to do a better job than usual with the paint job. I also want to enter this figure into Steve Dean's painting competition, and since the competition is anonymous, and since a lot of those fellas visit this blog, I wanted to keep photos of this figure under wraps for now.
I'm also questioning my original idea for the paintjob. Originally, I wanted to do a warm white, but I'm thinking all black might be nice too. Either way, I'm going to get practice in one of two difficult colors.
The base I have also affects what color scheme I will choose. There are flag stones on the base, and I want them to contrast with the figure; so, it the figure is white, I'll do some volcanic glass stones. If the figure is black, I'll go with basic grey stones with a tufts of scorched grass. Also, if I go with black, I'm wondering what color I'll paint the inside of the cape. Stick with the gold/ochre? I guess just about any color is going to work with the black. The only color I don't want to do is red- too cliche I think...Then again, so is the all-black scheme. Hmmm, decisions, decisions.


  1. Some great pieces. I stumbled across your website and really like some of the work you've done. I'm just getting back in and we seem to have the same style of painting. Do you have a gallery posted someplace? I live about 15-20 minutes from the reaper headquarters and I do their paint club about every other saturday. Hope to have some of my mini's posted soon.

  2. That close to Reaper HQ? Sweet! No, I don't have a proper gallery; I never thought about it. I figured my blog was my gallery, but you're right. 'Bout time I put one up proper! Until then, almost every post on this blog has art posted, so poke around all you want, and I'll look into setting up a proper gallery. Thanks for the prod, and thanks for the compliments!