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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Something a little different: Wings of War mini

I tried something a bit different and painted this Wings of War (a game from Fantasy Flight Games) Albatross D5. Like the Prepainted D&D minis, it was mostly a bunch of layers of dry- and overbrushing.
Unfortunately, I am good in neither painting insignia or applying decals, so I've solved the situation by creating my own squadron of "Sky Pirates" (note the skull ((sans crossbones)) on the fuselage.) I'll probably purchase one or two more planes to repaint, then bring them along to games at the local shop as my own personal fighters. Once I DO learn to apply decals, I'll probably add some to this and any future planes I plan to paint.

Next: I got a few more D&D prepainted monsters from my friend Jeff. Those will probably be the next to be painted and posted here.

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  1. Sweet ride. I used to love watching the old bi-planes that buzzed where I used to live. I think you could ride a bike faster than they could go, but they were fun to watch.