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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Machinas: St. Chevy's Chop-top/Scary Kustoms

Here's my second 53 Chevy. Originally, I took just the top off, leaving the windshield to create a convertible version of the car. But the windshield was left a bit damaged, and just didn't look right, so I took it off completely.

At this point, I wasn't quite sure what kind of weaponry to add to this Chevy, so I went in to do a little more body work and filled in the cabin with green stuff to give the flat-to look. Now, I had a nice large plane to work with as I decided on armament.

A quick rummage through through the bits box garnered the pieces for a WWII German AA gun. A hatch for the driver, and the design was done.

The turret rotates. The gun assembly has a long piece of brass rod fixed tot he bottom, which fits into a long hole in the body of the car. I find that a longer hole helps stabilize the turret as well as keeps it from falling off the car during gameplay.

Scary Kustoms

Used with permission by Jon Schwartz, of Scary Kustoms
I keep going back to Jon's site, Scary Kustoms. I must have seen all of his cars at least 10 times each, and I'll keep going back to look.

I've read further that many of his engine parts are machined aluminum, some of the seats are clothed, and some of the bodies are entirely from scratch. These cars were made with a lot of skill, art and passion.

I like his Rat rods and V-wedges. I'm also partial to Swamp Thing and Mangula (look under "Latest Builds.")

The photo, here, is another favorite (I guess none of them are favorites since I seem to like them all); I think this is more of what a Machinas car should look like -- a beast of a vehicle cobbled together using parts from a score of other cars found in the Wasteland, and painted with care using rare colors to enhance the sacred nature of the vehicles. I'm gonna have to get a better saw and some machining skills.
For some great-looking cars, go visit Scary Kustoms!

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  1. Somehow reminds me of the car from Animal House. "Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son!"