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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Machinas: Tela Coupe of Saint Ford

This is a "tail-dragger"  based on a Ford Coupe (from Hot Wheels' Cars of the Decades collection). The missiles on this car (as well as on all the other vehicle) are from Games Workshop Orc Bommerz (old Epic stuff.)

I picked up a couple more cars today since these are getting finished fast. Among the new purchases is a 50s Chevy station wagon with a moon roof, perfect for mounting that German '88 (well, probably 75mm at this scale.)

I have a couple more cars that are almost finished. I'll probably post those tomorrow. For those of you who haven't kept up with these rapid-fire posts, here's the post explaining the background to these cars (and their holy names): Machinas at the Circus Acceleratus (scroll down just a bit.)


  1. Super job! BTW: Are you using some colored pencils to get the desired texture and color affect?

  2. Nope, I'm using a combination of stippling (for rust and paint chipping) and drybrushing (for more rust and to add dust over everything).

    I've tried the pastel technique, too, but I find I can get a similar effect with drybrushing (REALLY dry paint); I'm essentially "dusting" my minis with dry paint.

    1. Well you are certainly dialed-in on your technique. Very impressive.

  3. very very good job!
    you did a great job on my best one!

    (but you are quicker than your cars!)