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Monday, March 24, 2008

God and sword

Added these two figures to my little collection of swashbucklers and sea dogs. These two figures may be my last using Reaper Pro Paints. I ordered some Foundry paint last week. Hopefully it will be here soon to try out.

These swashbucklers come from a collection I bought two or three years ago. The paint jobs on them is nice, so I am only repainting and rebasing a select few for display (and to enter into a painting competition next month.)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Small break

Just taking a break for a few days from painting. I've been at it pretty good for the last few months. I'm also waiting for my shipment of brand new paints! I decided to bite the bullet and spend the extra few dollars on some Foundry paint. Having repainted one of my old Foundry swashbucklers (the halberdier seen in my last post,) I decided to repaint a few more.

But this time, I wanted to start anew; I completely cleaned off my work table, gave it a quick scrubdown. Moved some primed yet unpainted minis off to the lead mountain for another day, stripped the paint, cleaned, primed and rebased a few of my swashbucklers, and ordered the paint (along with a small sea dogs cannon crew.)

I'm gonna try to approach the project differently, too; Instead of painting 3 to 5 minis at the same time, I'm going to paint them one at a time, not starting a new one until the last one has been finished.

And since my swashbucklers are sea dogs, I may have to build another boat; A small late 16th century ship- nothing big - no galleons - just something large enough to hold my meager selection of figures.

I'll still paint with my Reaper (Pro) paints. They'll certainly not leave my table; Reaper makes a good paint. But the Sea Dogs will get the Foundry paints.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Into the tomb

Tramp Steamer crew

Tramp steamer crew using Copplestone figures. No conversions here, I just chose some appropriate figures from different Copplestone ranges.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Tramp Steamer crew coming up

I'm busy painting up a tramp steamer crew (to help round up my King Kong collection of characters.) These aren't proper naval crew models, nor are they conversions. They are simply some Copplestone figures I picked out of different ranges to represent a motley group of armed crewman (and a captain and first mate.)

I still need to find a big ape. There are a couple I'm looking at. I need to decide on Kong's size, which differs from 18 to 50 feet. I may stick to the 18-foot version, being easier (and cheaper) to find.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Finished film crew

Here is my finished film crew. (Click on photos for bigger pics.) I've added an assistant and a sound man (though without headphones which would be proper.) The gray bow on top of the tripod to the left is a 1930s style microphone (simplified.) There are also a couple boxes with a few stacked film canisters. Now I just need a movie van.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Pulp hunting expedition details

Black and White world

I wrote an article for Wargame Modelling a Painting Issue No. 3. Here are photos of some of those figures. Keep in mind, these are color photos- the figures have been painted with black and white and all shades of gray.