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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Dragon Tides: Another Bruce Lee figure

Sorry, I've been so inactive here this year; I've been busy with watercolor, getting disciplined to make my move to get published.

Anyway, I bought a second copy of Dragon Tides for extra components. The extra components I don't need are the second set of figures. Still, I will enjoy painting them (and probably selling them later.) Here is my second copy of Bruce. I did the black pants with yellow stripes as per the art in the game. I also took a little extra time with the skin (the previous figure was mostly dry-brushed so I could get them into the game.) I prefer this attempt over my first (and I'll probably sell the first figure.)

Instead of painting a full-color base, I went gray-scale; that should speed things up a little. In fact, I've already painted the bases on all the other figures. The gray bases look a little classier and set of the figure better, I think.

I still have plenty on my table; I've been doing much of it piece-meal: Zombicide Black Plague (still), 40mm Steve Barber Samurai (STILL), some Mercs (still, but easily finished once I get them back to the front of the line), and my Tokaido collector's accessory pack arrived today with the cutest little Japanese characters. Once I can clear some space (and buy some new primer,) I think they will be fun to paint.