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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Post-Apoc: Moro WIP

Here are a few pics of my Moro beast in progress. It's actually all together; I'm waiting for the black acrylic primer to dry before I start painting. (and I'm also going to do a touch of research since I'm going to paint the fur similar to an African Wild Dog.)

I started by taking the heads off two vinyl toys using a razor saw. The allosaur's head was easy enough to lop off, but the gorilla head took a little more time since it was set in between two high shoulders which I wanted to preserve.

Next, I drilled holes in the allosaur head and gorilla body and dry-pinned (with a large brass rod) the two parts to get the position I wanted.  I glued the head to the body (with the pin) and started to fill in the large gap with green stuff. Another layer of green stuff was sculpted into fur. I impressed divots into the fur where the spines would be placed. I decided on spines but left off a feathered head crest; I think there's already enough going on at the front of the model.

The spines were individually made by rolling small pieces of green stuff into "snakes" with pointy ends. Later, when the green stuff had cured, I could snip each spine down to the length I needed it, and glue them into the divots with a little super glue.

I tried a lion-type tail (with brass rod and a greens tuff tuft at the end), but it just wasn't doing it for me. I think a slightly larger tail would fit fine and balance the model well, but adding tails simply made the beast look too conventional; I'm looking for slightly more freakish.

The spines I like. They turned out better than I thought, and were easy to make. The whole model is a little front-heavy (in looks), but I like it because subconsciously, the look feels a touch unsettling (to me, anyways.)

Paint comes tomorrow. And I should be able to finish him this weekend - of not tomorrow. I'm happy with this quick, off-the-cuff conversion. I have a few more old, second-hand dinosaur toys sitting around in a footlocker that I think just became a larger bits box.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Post-Apoc: Beast idea

So I'm looking through my collection of dinos and other vinyl animals, looking for some inspiration for converting a decent post-apoc monster. I could easily just do an extreme dinosaur, but I want something that looks more original. Then I hit upon this idea. I'm still not sure how I feel about it (it's not done- these pics are Photoshopped.)

It feels a bit contrived, but I think I can certainly make the transition from gorilla body to allosaurus head seemless (I'd cover it with some fur made with green stuff.) It's more animal, which is OK, but I like the freakishness of my other two beasts.

I'll ponder over it the next few days before I start cutting anything.

Apocalators: Group shot

Since I'm done with my 54mm apocalators (for now), I figured I better get a group shot. So here they are. Many of these figures were actually converted for playing Qwik (the two chain fighters and all of the two-handed weapon fighters.)

I've also moved the flamethrower out of the fighter ranks and into the ranks of arena officials; I was playing a game (using converted Red Sand Blue Sky rules) a few months ago, and the two players contented themselves with dropping back and catching their breath for many turns. So I introduced a third fighter to "prod" them to combat. That new role will be filled by Mr. Pyroeis.

I'm still searching for a couple more nice, generic, abominable monsters to add to the ranks of beasts. There are a couple more Fantasy Flight Games prepainted Arkham Horror monster that have been released that may fit the bill; Maybe I'll try sculpting or converting my own?

Monday, May 28, 2012

Apocalators: Only slightly irradiated

Here are the last two figures from this latest batch. Not too bad; I received the Bronze Age dollies on Wednesday and finished painting the last figure Monday -- I guess it might as well be one full week once I get this batch varnished.

I was bored with the usual old skin tones, so these two received a little bit of mutation, compliments of my paint. I went back (again) to Foundry's Storm Blue and Storm Green triads.

Hmm, I just realized I don't have anything new to paint, and no plan for anything in the immediate future. But that's ok; I want to get a little gameplay in. I wouldn't mind finding another monster or two to throw into the arena. Perhaps I'll look through the rolls of older D&D prepainted figures to see what works as a post-apoc abomination.
I may also have a couple more dinosaurs sitting around to paint.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Apocalator: Heavy fighter

Here's another fighter all painted up. This might be one of my favorites, though, I'm not quite sure what the special appeal is about this gladiator.

I like the large shield with a big boss bolted on. I like the worn, peeling blue color on the shield complimented with the yellow cloth of his loincloth and havelock. I like the combo of rubber shinguard and patch of chainmail protecting his leg. The skin tone turned out nice (Foundry's Bay Brown, again - and it looks much better in person than in this pic). This guy, I think, looks like he belongs in the arenas of the post-apoc future. Ok, for all those reasons, I prefer this figure over the others.

Just a couple more figures to go, then I'll probably go back to playing a bunch of Red Sand Black Moon/Brown Sky.

Apocalators: Knifer Adam and arena official

Here's a couple more figures; these are painting up fast (I have another figure that just needs a few things painted up to finish him off.) 

The first figure is my other "knife fighter" figure. I've painted him up in old Waiteri tribal colors. I like that the galerus covers the head almost completely (as seen at far right in the pic.) You can also get a better idea of what the weapon looks like on this fighter.
The other figure is another "matron" figure I can use for combats with more than two fighters. The radio was saved over from a Tamiya WWII kit, mounted on a brass rod and secured with twisted copper wire.

Apocalators: Knife fighter Eve

Here's one of my two "knife fighters." Since I have a male and female, I call this one Eve (and the other Adam.) I gave her purple hair to evoke a little bit of cyberpunk. I don't mind mixing styles among my fighters; it'll give my players more options that might appeal to their preferences when choosing a fighter.

And yes, more rusty armor. I may have a few different styles going here, but I think it's the rust that's helping to hold these figures together as a cohesive set.

For those who play Red Sand Black Moon, I'm gonna try something different with this figure's armor: Instead of counting her as being AC1, I'm treating her as unarmored, but with the large galerus and armored sleeve counting as a small shield. So depending on how many signatures, attribute points I give her, she's probably going to b low-rated. Another disadvantage she'll have is that she can't switch weapon hands. She's a fighter for an experienced player (or for an expert player when fighting novices.)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Repainted Dinosaurs: Dilophosaurus

While I wait for the primer to dry on the apocalators, I had this dinosaur sitting off on a corner of my table, so I whipped up a quick paint job for him. I just drybrushed of a couple layers of reds, browns, storm blue (Foundry) and light gray, then added some lizardy spots.

Dilophosaurs were around 20 feet long, so this model (as are just about all my other repainted dinosaurs) is just about perfect alongside my 54mm figures. I may roll them into my post-apoc setting, or at least introduce them into the post-apoc arena as mutant, monster or lost world beasts.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

54mm Post-Apoc: Next batch of apocalators assembled

Well, it took all day, which is fine, but this next batch of gladiators is assembled. I'll let the greenstuff cure overnight and prime these tomorrow. I think these figures will paint up nicely.

54mm Post Apoc: Working on next batch of apocalators

Here's a quick in-progress pic of my next batch of apocalators (Post Apocalypse gladiators). I enjoy just throwing a piece of green stuff onto a body part and start sculpting to see what comes out. I've got a good mix of leather, metal and tire tread (protecting the stomach on the figure with raised arm) armor with this batch of figures.

The only armor I had planned ahead of time was the arm armor and extra large galeruses (shoulder armor) on the two figures at left. This is the only armor they will both have, AND they will both be butt naked. So all I have left to do for them is add hair and give them short blades extending from their gauntlets.
And I do like those exaggerated galeruses, especially hers. Her's reminds me of classic Georgia O'Keefe styling -- flowery and reminiscent of female genitalia.

The figure to the far right will be another "matron" character for playing Red Sand Black Moon (she will be used to help to keep track of whose turn it is.) I got the figure without the faintest idea of what I would do with her. I had that WWII German radio tied to that poll in the bits box, and it fit nicely into one of her hands, so I went with it. I'm not going to use that bucket, though (it was going to be full of blood.) It's hard to see in this pic, but she has a bandana across her mouth. I will also give her welder-type goggles. She won't be wearing anything else.

I'm on vacation, so I'm taking this project a little slower. Even still, I think I'll be able to start painting these this weekend.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Post Apoc: Another bit of terrain

Here's another piece of terrain for my post-apoc figures. The bits are from a small box of old printer/copier parts and other random gears and wires my dad gave me a few years ago. I used some of the pieces originally to construct my printing press for my 40mm old west collection. The box sat around for a little while after that, so I dug it back up and threw together a small wall of industrial rubble this afternoon.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Septimontium: Irradiated rumble

The Lurking Horror is known for its extraordinary ability to find water, either above or below ground. It smells water like sharks smell blood. This sense serves the lurker in two ways; when it finds water below ground, it sticks its long tentacles into the ground where they can absorb almost every molecule of water within 10 feet.

This water sense also aids in the lurkers’ hunting. The lurker uses its sense to find watering holes. The lurker will crawl up to one of these ponds and lay motionless, disguising itself as a pile of dead wood along the banks. When an unsuspecting thirsty animal gets close enough, the tentacles lash out, providing the lurker with its next meal.

As the Waiteri-Smith usually did every month, scouts were sent out to find water to replenish the supply. Tara was taught that if you want to find water, follow a lurker. 

She had stalked a lurker for two days, knowing it was getting closer to a source of water by the way all the tentacles quickly rippled in one direction. Instead of water, Tara brought back to her clan an account of the battle between the lurking horror and the frog that had attacked it within the trees of The Last Woods.

The frog was almost able to attain total surprise with the ambush, but the lurker had almost a second sense about the nature of the woods and was easily able to avoid the attack. The lurker stepped back to better ready itself for battle.

Tara watched from nearby as the frog tried to tackle the lurker to knock it down, but the lurker had a low center of gravity. Despite being unable to knock the lurker down, the frog was still able to tear off a large chunk of one of the tentacles. Blood erupted from the shredded wound. The frog attacked again, but the lurker swung its body around avoiding the attack while being able to counterstrike at the same time – an advantage held by a being with so many limbs. The opponents exchanged heavy blows, but neither was able to gain an advantage.

Again, the lurker backed off, trying to nurse its bleeding wound, and again the frog came in to try to bash its prey to the ground, but to no avail. The frog was relentless, but the lurker unrelenting.

Tara saw the lurker’s wounded tentacle fall limp and drag across the ground, spreading rivers of blood on the forest floor. The frog also saw this and went in for an all-out attack. The attack paid off; avoiding the mass of tentacles trying to impede its attack, the frog was able to grasp at the lurker’s flesh and rip out its innards, killing the lurker instantly.

The lurker would find no water today. But Tara was not dejected. She knew that the frog was a brash eater; it would tear out three or four chunks of meat from its kill and retreat to eat in seclusion. Tara knew there’d be a good chance some of the lurker’s tough water sacs would be intact. She would harvest them quickly, before other dangerous scavengers came along.

Within a few days, Tara made it back to her village with water to drink and a story to tell over the evening fire.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Septimontium: The Pompay Portico

The Karthij arena (on which you've seen my few RSBM battle reports) is just a small field next to the Quiet Woods. But one of the most well-known arenas is the Pompay Portico in the city of Septimontium. The arena consist of the main arena with the raised portico in the center. (A proper "portico" will have columns supporting a roof. This one does not.)

The Pompay Portico is home to fights for many festivals, but it's most famous for hosting the Conspiratorial Games.

There are other arenas in the Wasteland. The "Rock Patch" of Rubikon is punctuated with rocks and boulders. The rarely used and heavily treed "Wood Pit" near Karthij is situated in the middle of the Quiet Woods, where lurking horrors sometime interrupt matches. Capyooa's "Hareen" has seating for the spectators carved right into the rocky hill bordering the arena. And there are the many corrals, fields and dugout pits hastily made by the nomads for quick and dirty gambling matches. But the Pompay Portico is the best-known and draws the greatest fighters.

Hobby notes: My "portico" is simply a piece of blue foam, carved with a ballpoint pen, mounted to a masonite board (to help prevent warping), primed and painted. As a final step, I mounted a piece of VFF suede fabric so the portico matches my arena floor. The size of the portico is 5x15 inches (or 3x1 "areas" in game terms.) I also have a house rule if someone falls off the portico (there's no injury incurred, just a quick roll to see if the fighter is able to keep his feet.)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Septimontium History: The Oppenheimer and other notes

Just as most cultures have their own creation myths, so does my post apocalyptic world -- Yeah, I kept this one not-so-serious:

In the time before history, the world was dark and desolate. The Oppenheimer, who lived high on the summit of Mount Losalamos gathered many metals from the plains below, and with them he created the first people.

The Oppenheimer also created other things to benefit his people, such as houses and animals and automobiles and grocery stores. But the people could not see in the darkness and stumbled around like blind ants and feared all of The Oppenheimer's other creations. So The Oppenheimer clapped his hands once, and there was light!

And the houses and grocery stores were destroyed, and the land became the new home. And automobiles were made scarce so that people would not travel from the view of Mount Losalamos. And animals were transformed into fantastic new shapes so that they would not scare anyone. And The Oppenheimer said, "I am become Life, creator of worlds!"

Religion and History: There's actually not a lot of religion in Septimontium. It's simple: Anything the way it is, is because that's how The Oppenheimer made it (or because the Tomes of Man told man to do it that way). There are no religious leaders -- you don't need any when you already know everything is the way it's supposed to be. Any group called "priests" (War Priests, Gene Priests, Oak Street Priests) aren't really priests, but rather more managerial leaders of those groups. War priests deal with war, Gene with science, and Oak Street with culture -- the Tomes of Man were discovered in a buried temple called 7602 Oak Street.

The Tomes of Man include "The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire," a few issues of "Popular Mechanics," "Roughing It" (by Mark Twain) and "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Better Skin." Everything is poorly translated. For example, the priests think it's actually titled "The Rise and Rebirth of the Roman Empire." But society, through the teachings of the Oak Street priests, still use these books as basic guides on how to live. Also, everyone in Septimontium has great skin.

Waiteri: This tribe has knowledge of the past before the "creation." Through careful, oral history, they know exactly who Oppenheimer was and what happened to transform the landscape. They were actually the first society after the "creation," and were responsible for naming most of the new landscape (Wasteland, Rest of the Wasteland, The Only Mountains.)

But when the tomes were discovered, there was a major cultural split. Some of the Waiteri remained primitive (as a form of cultural protest to the ways of The Oppenheimer) while those who split away followed the lessons of the tomes and founded the first city, thus becoming the Septimontiums. The two societies live apart from one another, but in relative peace. Though, there are sometimes encounters.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Post Apoc: A small piece of terrain

Here's a small kitbash using bits from couple small Tamiya model kits. I simply threw them together, primed, drybrushed and flocked. This is probably about the easiest piece of terrain I've done in a while. It took about an hour total for assembly, painting and basing (minus about 30 minutes waiting for stuff to dry.)

I'm not quite sure what I'll use it for. I'll probably just use it like the other post-apoc terrain pieces I have, as a simple backdrop to help set the mood. I'm sure I could also use it as an objective piece with an appropriate scenario (perhaps the apocalators enter the arena unarmed, and each oil drum contains one weapon.)

Septimonium: Wasteland notes

The Arena: Just wanted to drop a couple notes about playing Red Sand Black Moon in the post-apocalypse. Here's my setup for playing most of my games. It's a small arena, more suitable for pit fights, but it's ample if you just want to get a quick game in. RSBM can be played on larger arenas; I have another arena that is 7x5 "areas" large. RSBM (as well as Red Sand Blue Sky, and Qwik) use an area movement system (which I adore- no measuring needed! You can also denote an area with terrain instead of border lines.) To show the areas on my arena, I've simply marked the intersections using a Sharpie.

I always make sure to have MORE-than-enough dice in easy reach. By the way, those are my rusted dice which I made specifically for post-apoc play. They're standing up well to all the rolling, though I do roll on a nice, soft surface. If they do start chipping, I think the random patches of color among all the rust will only add to the effect.

The fabric I use is called VFF Suede, which I find in the clearance area at Joann's Fabrics every once in a while. I've gotten it in dark brown, light brown (shown here) and a nice forest green. The fabric has a nice cloth backing to the "seude-ish" top, is durable and rolls out flat very nicely. It also takes a light layer of paint fairly well. I've recently flocked a couple patches with superglue and static grass to see if that's a viable technique (so far so good!) 

Going to Rubikon: In my post-apoc setting, older generations discovered a set of Gibbon's "Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire." The citizens took these tales as a guide from The Oppenheimer (their god -- more on that later) on how to model their lives. But English is a far different language in the Wasteland than it is now, so many of the passages are poorly translated (as was the title.)

One such passage (as translated for the Wasteland) tells of how Great King Julii made war on his enemies by going to the city of Rubicon. That simple concept is used all over the Wasteland; When two armies wish to war with each other, they must first march to the city of Rubikon and touch the "Rock of War," a large boulder in the center of the city's main square. So when war is declared, one side will usually tell the other, "We're going to Rubikon!"

In fact, before committing ANY act of violence, a citizen must touch the rock of war. But a solution was needed to allow gladiatorial combat across the wastes without having to travel to Rubikon for every combat. So the War Priests of Rubikon allowed scores of pieces to be chipped from the Rock of War. These smaller rocks were mounted on plinths and set at the gates to every arena. Before every match, as the combatants enter the arena, they'll rub the rock. The phrase used to enter a small fight -- especially in the arenas and pits -- is called "Rubbing the Rubikon."

Rubbing the Rubikon is only allowed for smaller fights and some skirmishes. Armies must still march to the city of Rubikon.

Still, as in every culture, there are the few hotheads and murderers who lash out in fits of derangement, anger and violence, having not first rubbed the Rubikon. A small rule modifies the rite: As long as a Rubikon stone is rubbed before the next sunrise, then the rite is fulfilled. Failure to do so results in execution at the hands of the War Priests (at least if the perpetrator is discovered.)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

RSBM Battle Report: A buzz around the arena

It was like any other day in Karthij; the sun was high, the sands were hot and the wind was useless. But the streets were empty. The noon crowds had heard the sound of a small engine in the area of the arena, and the sound of any kind of engine in the Wasteland is worth checking out.

It was a simple match, the kind between two warriors who only wish to see who's best. Ruk wielded his halberd, converted from an old Qwik driver shaft. But all eyes were on Husq and his restored ancient chainsaw, a relic of times when the land was more trees than sand. By the time the first spectators arrived, the two combatants were already fighting.

Ruk had to throw all of his focus into defending against the rusty teeth of the chainsaw. He used a lot of energy, but he managed to keep the mean machine at bay. The match picked up when Husq swung the saw around and bashed Ruk in the face with the engine casing, knocking him down. Immediately Husq was upon his opponent with the chainsaw, and at the very moment the menacing ripper came down on Ruk, it stopped -- out of gas!

Husq dropped the saw, drew his cutter while Ruk got back up, swinging his halberd gently with glee. Ruk had used most of his strength in defending against the chainsaw, but Husq, without his machine, was not much stronger than Ruk. Still, Husq would not give in, and again they came together.

The fighters grappled, neither able to gain the advantage. Ruk was able to step back, catch his breath and think about his strategy. He went in again with renewed strength. Husq came out to meet him -- and in an amazing bit of luck caught the inside of Ruk's arm, slicing open a vein! Ruk left puddles of blood everywhere he stepped. Now Husq was smiling; time was on his side, and Ruk knew it.

Ruk came charging into the center of the arena and with his heavy blade, caught Husq in the chest! It was a serious wound, gaping and bleeding. Husq had strength enough for maybe a couple more attacks. Again, the two warriors clashed, this time Husq's blade slicing open Ruk's right thigh as Ruk's halberd sliced only air.

Both fighters stepped back to appraise the situation. Husq acted as if to come in for another attack. But Ruk noticed the amount of blood spilling out of Husq's chest wound, and to the disappointment of the crowd, he simply stepped back to witness the inevitable. Husq swayed in the hot wind still tinged with the long forgotten smell of exhaust. Then he simply collapsed and died in that small pond of blood and gasoline.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Red Sand Black Moon battle report: Morning executions

Jane and Maretta had marauded the nomadic roads above Rubikon for years before their capture. But since the festival of The Oppenheimer was under way, the judge was obliged to give the pair a chance to save their lives, so they were sentenced to the arena. But when they found out who their opponent would be, they almost wished for the quick blade to the neck.

The frogs (more formally called the "Terrors of the Mountain Shadows" by the gene priests) are the most feared creature in all the Wasteland. To have any chance at killing one, you have attack its soft belly. To get to the belly, however, you have to avoid the sweeping, clawed arms and then make the killing stroke before the frog's teeth engulfed your head. Frogs are relentless, always coming forward until they've eaten or are killed. No one has ever seen one retreat. Frogs are fearless, vicious and always hungry.

Jane and Maretta knew they stood little chance of survival, but they'd at least go down fighting.
For such a large opponent, Jane chose a large warhammer as her weapon. And to further optimize her agility, she chose to wear no armor! Maretta decided on leather armor with as many metal plates as she could carry. She had no natural speed and would need all the help she could get. And to keep the beast at bay, she chose a ball and chain.
The prisoners decided on a strategy (at least to give the appearance they might survive); Maretta would draw the beast to her, and Jane would attack from behind with her heavy hammer.

With a wave of the Book of Deaths, the patron signaled the start of the match. Jane quickly moved off toward the side of the arena while Maretta went forward to meet the frog in the center of the arena.

Maretta tried to save her energy until Jane's attack. She was able to stand clear of the frog's large arms for a few seconds, but then the beast lunged! And before the match had barely started, the frog's teeth had wrapped around Maretta's head, crunching neck bones and ripping the head from its socket before Maretta ever had a chance to scream. There was no more plan. Jane was simply there, now, to live as long as she could for the enjoyment of the Rubikonian crowd.

She knew her only chance would be for an all-out attack. Using every bit of reserve energy she had, Jane swung the large wooden mallet at the terrifying frog -  A direct hit to the frog's head! The frog screeched in pain and stumbled back a few paces. It had retreated! It wasn't dead, but Jane saw that the beast wasn't as terrifying as she originally thought; it had felt pain.

With new-found courage, Jane moved in, swinging the hammer from side to side hoping for another lucky hit, and, for a few moments, she was able to match the frog swing-for-swing. The crowd was electrified. They had never seen a prisoner last so long against this terror, let alone seen one step backward.

Unfortunately, Jane had used all her energy in her first couple attacks and was unable to keep up. The beast's claw slashed across Jane's stomach. The strike seemed almost routine. And without any armor for protection, all of the prisoner's organs came spilling out of the gaping wound.

Justice was served as expected, but many in the crowd would remember, and pass on the story of how they saw a woman with nothing but a hammer make a frog take a step backward.

54mm post apoc: Big mutant (FFG repaint)

So here's FFG's God of the Bloody Tongue (Arkham Horror) prepainted mini that I've slightly converted, repainted and rebased to fight the heroes of the Wastelands on the Pompay Portico (using THW's Red Sand, Black Moon rules).

This was an easy figure to paint, especially due to his large size and great sculpting.) The most difficult part was cutting out the large, cartoonish tongue that was sculpted on to the original figure. Even that step wasn't all too difficult (though it did require a power drill.)
And what a lovely, large mutant fighter he will be. That's a 54mm figure next to him in the picture, by the way. And the price was right for such a great sculpt; he was only $9.99 (and I think it was around $15 total with shipping.) I enjoy being able to get monsters and mutants on the cheap.
Next up will be some more apocalators (I'm waiting for David at Bronze Age to get back to me.) In the meantime, I may paint up and post a random item or two.
Septimontium: So I was at the bookstore yesterday looking for some post-apoc inspirational literature, There wasn't a lot (there was none.) So I decided to go ahead and create my own post-apoc world; More or less, I decided I'm going to extend my world of Septimontium which I wrote about a little while ago.
When it comes to RPGs or board games, I enjoy (creating)  the setting as much, if not more, than the actual playing of the game. Septimontium, at most, will be used as a huge backdrop to playing Red Sand Black Moon, providing some context to whatever narrative my imagination might weave around a match.
I bought a new journal (during that same visit to the book store yesterday,) and started my small endeavor by redrawing (and elaborating on) my original Septimontium map. I don't really have any grand plan, I'm just gonna make it up as I go along. In fact, I've already started naming different animals/mutants (seen down the right side of the map) without knowing what they look like (except the Frogs, the main part of this blog post.) I figured a few random words - puddles, horrors, happies - would help get the imagination working.

Art note: For the artists out there who might want to know, this map is simply watercolor and brush and ink (specifically, I used a Pentel pocket brush pen.)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Upcoming: (More post apoc stuff)

Just wanted to update you all on a couple projects I have coming up.
I'm ordering a couple more 54mm generic figures from Bronze Age Miniatures. One will have the armor shown in the drawing here.
I will for sure give him the extra-tall galerus (shoulder armor), along with the armored sleeve ending with the pata-like dagger. I'm still not sure on the helmet (though, I'm not against the little "half-shell" he's wearing in the picture.) If I don't keep the half-shell, I may go for something a little more Brom in style, whatever that may be.

I'm also thinking about losing the loin cloth and having this guy go "Greek," (fighting naked) to emphasize his role as a "light" gladiator/apocalator. Lastly, I think I may paint up his body in a Waiteri scheme. (I may simply incorporate my Waiteri tribe into my post-apoc setting.)

I've actually began my other project. I purchased this little fellow (shown below) from Fantasy Flight Games. He's one of their prepainted miniatures (God of the Bloody Tongue) for Arkham Horror. I intend to use him as a mutant apocalator (playing Red Sand, Black Moon.) I wasn't keen on the tongue, and I've already cut it out, and hollowed out the mouth. He's still a magnificently nasty looking beast.

For colors, I plan on doing him up in regular "human" colors, though with a green head (to remind folks of the "radioactive" aspect of the monster.) I'll just need to give him a name; I think I'll just have the citizenry of my little world (Septimontium) call his kind the Froggies (due to their green heads.)

Last note on my froggy: The plastic felt a little less "soft" than the other figures, so I tried a light layer of spray primer- and it worked- no tackiness that usually comes with priming soft-plastic figures! I'm just waiting for the primer to dry before I paint this big fella (the figure next to him is 54mm.)
By the way, the paint job he came with isn't half bad. I actually thought about not repainting him ... but just for a second.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Red Sand, Black Moon: First battle report

Notes: The rules (by Two Hour Wargames) are great! There are a ton of signatures to customize your fighters, and everything is compatible with Red Sand, Blue Sky.
I kept this report purely narrative, but it is based on my first game using the rules. Also, the rules are geared toward a fantasy setting (with stats for all your classic favorites - orcs, goblins, elves, trolls, ogres, etc.) but the system is flexible enough to convert to a post-apoc/Thunderdome setting (or just about any other genre that has melee combat.)
And lastly, to give you an idea of the brutality of this rule set, this specific game only lasted the first turn! (Even though only one fighter had the initiative, both were quite active during that one turn -- One of the great things I like about THW rulesets.)
(The figures are conversions from Bronze Age Miniatures, and I think it may be time for a couple more.)

It was only a slight bump in the Karthij market, but it was enough for Brutus to issue a brash challenge to the offender.
"No one touches Brutus Driver! I'm the best Qwik driver in the Rest of the Wasteland- and master with the halberd! I want your blood, waste rat!"
Only after Brutus had issued his challenge did he realize who his opponent was. It was Legarius of Capyooa, apocalator of the Wasteland, and he had been on a blood quest seeking just such a moment to hone his skills.
Legarius eyed Brutus and smiled lightly.
"Qwik is your game, and quick is your action, blood seeker. I accept your challenge. Place and time, driver?"
Brutus could not back down now. His reputation as a Qwik player and as a warrior stood on the brink.
"There's a field south of the Hell Forest- I'll see you at high sun!"

As an apocalator, Legarius was balanced in his abilities and master with the sword and shield.
Brutus was more talk than skill, but his experience on the qwik fields has given him great speed and reflexes, dangerous when coupled with his halberd. Still, Legarius outclassed Brutus, and they both knew it.
At the Hell Forest arena, the two fighters faced off. As a witness to the day's earlier events, Sharon of Styx was chosen to be patron to ensure that the fight was honorable.

Brutus took the initiative and quickly moved to the center of the arena with Legarius moving in to meet him. Brutus knew his weapon and had started to swing the nasty halberd before the two fighters reached one another. But it was a feint! Brutus reversed his swing impossibly and came down on Legarius's unshielded side. Legarius, having fought more than 50 fights, had fortunately seen this maneuver before and was able to dodge the attack, sending Brutus's halberd into sand and rock. Brutus quickly recovered and the two fighters swung their weapons.
Legarius parried Brutus's halberd again and again but was unable to find an opening to begin his own attack; Brutus had to be relentless; he was fighting scared.
And then it happened. Legarius, going all out, missed his mark, lost his balance and went stumbling past Brutus.
"South sands!" cursed Legarius.

And those proved to be the fighter's final words; as Legarius fell, Brutus was able to swing his halberd into Legarius's lower back, and the heavy rusted blade severed muscle, sinew and spine -- a killing stroke!
Outclassed in fighting ability and manners, Brutus's victory not only boosted his fighting ability and confidence, but also his reputation and his loud mouth.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

54mm Apocalators: The Animal Hunt

So I was thinking about Red Sand Black Moon. Remembering that it's going to be compatible with Red Sand Blue Sky, I realized I'll be able to have animals in my games. And since mine is a post-apocalyptic setting with radiation and mutants and whatever the hell I want, I can use whatever "animals" I want.

So here are a couple. These are just posed shots; I still need to give these beasts some stats. One is my Dark Young figure (Fantasy Flight Games) which looks perfectly fine as a mutant abomination from the wastes of Septimontium. The other is an Arsinotherium (by Wild Safari, I think), a prehistoric mammal I think can fit the bill as a wasteland beast. 

This opens up the floodgates; all of my dinosaurs can come come off the shelf and enter the fighting pit (feeding pit?) I think I might also pick up this neat postosuchus later, too. Geez, and I almost forgot that I also ordered the God of the Bloody Tongue figure from Fantasy Flight Games to be a mutated brute in the arena. Gonna be bloody pits over here!