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Friday, March 24, 2023

Test of Honour: Group bases


One of the things we lacked for our first Test of Honour game were proper group bases. In the game, you can take figures for your force as either individuals or in groups to help increase strength and durability. The game is meant to be played at 28mm, and there are pre-cut group bases available. But my games are at 40mm scale, so I needed to make my own.

They were quite easy to make and only took me about an hour to complete these seven. I simply marked off where the figures would stand, and used differing types of flock to delineate those areas: short flock for where the figures stand, and static grass for the gaps. For variety, floral accents and stones were added to some of the bases. I also tried out some tall grass on a couple of the bases (ninjas need hiding spots!)

We don't have any Test of Honour games planned anytime soon, but these bases will still help for a nicer display of the figures in the display case where I have them stored. The bases also serve as nice little vignettes (as seen below with the woodsmen having a conversation.)

Monday, March 20, 2023

Test of Honour 2nd Edition: I finally played!!!

 A few years ago, I got the cool job of illustrating the tabletop wargame "Test of Honour" (2nd edition.) I found the first edition in a search of rules to use with my 40mm samurai collection from Steve Barber Models, which led me to the illustration job. Last weekend, I finally played the game and had loads of fun! My friend Adam and I were only planning on doing one -- maybe two -- battles, but we were having so much fun, we ended up playing three that day (sorry, wife!)

The rules were easy; the mechanisms were solid (we had to refer to the book only a few times, being our first/learning game, but the answers were all there;) and the play was fun with plenty of action, tension, and momentum shifts.

We didn't record a proper session report, but we did take plenty of photos. Here is a selection: