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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Workbench update

Well, I figure, as long as I'm not posting too many finished items, I should at least post what I'm working on.
The figure to the left is a newer viking from Reaper (Amon, Viking Warrior 3385), and the figure to the right is also Reaper (Urich, Adventuring fighter 3282.)
The viking, I picked up on a whim; I wanted a go at a beard with greenstuff. It looks ok. It's not as spectacular or graceful as I had hoped, but at least this viking certainly has his beard on.
Uric is actually a figure I've had for a while; I just never got around to painting him. He has been slightly converted. I'll cover that conversion in more detail when I post the finished figure.
Otherwise, the rebasing project is going slowly. I'll get the seadogs rebased for sure, but I'm not sure when I'll get around to repainting those that need it.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Ink washes

My friend Chad has started painting (Hordes), and he's off to an excellent start. One thing that struck me was his use of ink washes. The washes really brought out some details. He used it to great effect especially on finger and toenails (to some beast whose name escapes me.) The nails were honestly the best nails I've seen on a mini. He also gave a wash to some hides that looked to have been painted with a two-color method- Again, it looked fantastic- even with just the two colors.
Result: I bought a jar of GW brown ink (or whatever fancy name they had for it.) I remember I, too, started out using washes back in the day (1989-92; then college happened), but they dropped to the wayside as I started using the three-color method when I restarted painting in the lat 90s. Well, it's time I combine a lifetime of painting power and see what I can come up with!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Reaper Warlord minotaur

I FINALLY finished something. Took a few days of short sessions, but it's done except for flock and varnish). This is a Reaper Warlord Minotaur (No. 14007). My friend wanted the skin a reddish brown, though I fear it turned out more reddish than brownish.
I think it still works; a minotaur perhaps with a touch of demon in it?
Not a very difficult piece to paint, but it's easy to forget a few details here and there. Still, as large as it is, it leaves a lot of space for creative painting: Tattoos, weapon and/or armor conversion -- in fact, I forgot to mention, I added the shield (to be more of a minotaur-sized buckler than a regular shield.) But the left hand, which is capped by a spike, could easily have been converted to hold a second weapon, item or the head of an unfortunate enemy.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Update May 25

I promise I'm actually working on stuff. It's just coming along slowly. I had the flu for ten days, and I'm still fantastically tired and fighting off some wicked-evil headaches.
I've started painting my friend's minotaur (a Reaper Warlord figure I think.) I'm also still rebasing my Foundry Sea Dogs. I haven't started painting any of those yet (at least those that will need repainting.)
I'll try to get something posted this week.

Monday, May 18, 2009


Ugh, sick. I've had a fever for 5 days now. But this should be a godsend to me as a painter; I have a great excuse to stay in and paint this week (in fact, I'm supposed to stay in, eat, drink clear fluids, and rest). It's just a matter of carrying my tired butt to the painting table and starting.
We'll see how fevered painting looks, then.
I have a minotaur on deck, and then finally my flagstone re-basing project (yep, it's that week already.) I actually already got a start on that project. I'll try to get photos of what I've done so far...again, it's just a matter of getting a little energy built up to walk across the room.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Reaper: 3294 Tobias Winterthorn

This was a difficult figure in both painting and construction. Construction: Even though the extended foot had a plug and the base of riding vines had a socket, it wasn't enough for a secure connection -- perhaps, if this was to be a display piece-- but this figure is to be used in D&D games.
My solution was to drill and pin the heel of the same foot to the vine, so I would have two points of contact. I got lucky with the placement of the pin placed in the foot and the hole drilled in the vine- the fit worked out so well that when I first test fitted the figure, the foot almost snapped into place.

Painting wasn't too difficult, I guess, just seemed like there was a lot of different things going on with the figure, so it was difficult to focus on certain parts of the figure at a time.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Off the beaten path: Painting dice

I recently picked up some Gamescience dice (through and they are beautiful. These are the hard/sharp-edged dice from days past, and, yes, you still have to paint in the numbers yourself (though you can pay a few dollars extra for prepainted die.)
But if you want some classic dice and would like to paint in the numbers, here's an easy way to do it:
1. Gamescience dice are molded on a sprue, just like plastic model kits, so they will have a bur on on the edge of one face. You can get rid of this bur by either carefully cutting it with a sharp blade, or by sanding it off with some fine-grade sand paper (as is shown in Step 1.)
2. Get some paint (whatever color you like!) and cover the engraved number with the paint. Be sure to get the whole number filled in.
3. And while the paint is still wet, use your finger to rub off all the excess.
4. You may have seom streaks left over. These can be rubbed off with your finger, or gently scraped off with your finger nail.
5. That's it! Beautiful dice. And I like the idea, now, that I have to prepare my dice. If I've dedicated some of my time to the dice, perhaps the dice gods will give me a few more 20s.

Note: This particular color is not "available," per se. I chose Gamescienc's Fire Garnet, but the color was out of stock. When the new dice were molded to fill my order, I got an e-mail that an off-color had come out instead. I was offered the off-color or to wait for some proper fire garnet-colored dice. I kept the off-color because I wanted something fairly unique. I'm glad I stuck with this new color. They are gorgeous! The best I can describe the color is that of a deep rose wine.
And I know I probably won't be able to get any more, sigh.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Vacation time- time for a project?

So I have a vacation coming in the middle of May. I recently picked up a PDF copy of Two Hour Wargames Chain Reaction/Swordplay rules (available FREE!) And I have some old Foundry Swashbucklers I'd like to use. But I forgot how ugly the basing was. My tentative plan is to rebase the 20 or so figures I have (see pictures for some of them); they'll be switched from flocked coin bases to flagstone display bases (just like the drummer shown.) I'd like to use them for urban street fighting/skirmishes.

Of course, this may change. I change my mind a lot when deciding on what to paint. That's why I don't do a lot of reigments or large groups of figures anymore. In fact, if I get in the mood to do regiments, I already have an Empire army that needs repainting (you can see that many-year project began with these crossbowmen and gunners).

I do have some Swashbucklers I've already began repainting and rebasing for adventures in the New World; I'll leave these alone. Though some that were primed and ready to become New World adventurers now will become swashbuckling street fighters.