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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Zombicide Black Plague: Scenery and random figures

Well, first of all, I should probably explain my months-long absence. It's an easy explanation: I'm in a new relationship -- my first serious relationship, and she's wonderful. Not much more to say about that; I'm sure you've all been there :)

Anyway, I also finally got back to some painting, including these pieces of scenery I made for my copy of Zombicide: Black Plague. The doors and the chests are actually from my Conan Kickstarter; I specifically ordered extra copies of the doors and scenery so that I could have these for ZPB.

The chests I'm using as objective markers, and beneath each is painted a red "X," except for the two (one each) blue and green objectives. I had an extra, so I also created a yellow objective. I also-also painted extra chests using the objective colors for custom scenario ideas (where the objectives would be know, for example.)

I also painted up a few characters from a couple of the ZPB guest artist boxes. I still have a few ZPB figures yet to paint (at least of those I WANT to paint -- I have plenty more that will stay in storage, unpainted for the time being.) Hopefully, it won't be three months again before I get around to painting again.