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Thursday, April 1, 2021

Dreadball: New teams (to us anyway)

My wife and I painted up a couple new Dreadball teams to play!

She did a great job with a full team of mechanites -- The Loose Cogs.
I assembled them for her, and expected to help out painting a few, but she took over and did a great job. She did it all: She "built" each team member on paper; organized her strikers, jacks and guards; and chose colors to reflect that organization (mostly green are guards, tan/beige/gold are the strikers, and blue are the jacks.) 

And then she painted all of them, and despite the different colors for different roles, she used a nice limited palette to keep the team unified. I'm proud of my sweety -- and also scared of her team; I'm pretty sure my hobgoblins are going to take a beating.

Speaking of which, I painted myself the "Hobgob Scachens." Not much to say about them except they were fun to paint! Also, I painted up the team captain, Graggot. He's one of my first all-resin figures, so I'm a little daunted, but I haven't chipped any pieces off yet! But he painted up just fine.