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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Printing press

This is a model based off the old drum presses from the 1880s. It's done in 40mm scale. I didn't draw plans for it, but I tried to take a few stage photograps to give you an idea of how it went together. The main drum (the red cylinder) was made by sawing a section out of a pen lid (you can see the pen in one of the photos.) The rest of the press was bass wood, brass rods, a few plastic I-beam parts, and a few gears from a differential gear set made for RC cars. The base is a couple Games Workshop 40mm bases placed together.

Friday, May 23, 2008

40mm Old West Town

Here are most of my 40mm, scratchbuilt, old west town buildings (missing only the small homestead and my new sawmill.) Also is a picture of the floorplans of all those buildings to show how simple they really are to construct. Just took a lot of matboard and wood :)

Figured Id give y'all something to look at for the next week until I can get something new posted.

Update of things

Howdy, all! Visitor activity has picked up big-time! So I reckon' I'll need to update more often. The next update, however, won't be for a week or so, since I'll be going on vacation.
I should, soon after, have something new to post; Currently, I am working on some more 40mm old west figures from HLBS ( ). I'm doing headswaps with them and will post them (before and after pictures) when they are done.

If anyone wants to see something or ask about something specific, either leave a comment here, at one of the forums I frequent (Steve Dean, TMP, Lead Adventure), or pm me through one of those forums.

Monday, May 19, 2008

40mm scale sawmill

This was free-form built; I worked at a sawmill, so I had an idea of the basic layout. The steam engine was built almost a year ago for this piece. The hardest bit to build was the carriage for hauling the cants pat the sawblade. I wanted a dremel cutting blade to be my saw blade, but I couldn;t find one and wanted to get the sawmill finished, so I used a metal washer instead. I'll replace it with a proper cutting blade once I get a hold of one.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Some 28mm kids for 40mm scale

These kids (next to a 40mm scale "mother") are all in 28mm scale. The first two, from the left, are made by Reaper, while the last one (as yet un-re-finished) is by Wargames Foundry. The last one I will repaint and have him carrying a pail of whitewash.

As you can see, the figures work great as children for 40mm scale. Th girl could be age 8-10; the first boy, 4-6; and the last boy could be 8 or 9 years old.
They all will be included in my Gutshot Old West games.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Not of the Lollipop Guild

My first dwarf. He originally was holding a hammer aloft; I had the extra axe blade and preferred it, so the conversion was made; a bearded blade for a bearded warrior!