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Monday, March 1, 2021

Space Hulk!

 Like many people, I entered the hobby with Warhammer (for me, it was 40K first edition in the summer of 1987 -- the old Rogue Trader edition -- damn, I loved that book and don't know where it went.) Eventually, I sold my 40K Imperial Guard and Space Marines and switched over to Warhammer fantasy (using the old orange book.) 

I still have much of my Warhammer Empire army boxed up, still needing some paint, but there's just too much there to bring out, catalogue, paint, organize, and play with. When SPace Hulk 4th edition came out, I took the opportunity to not only get back into 40K, but to get an iteration of the 40K universe that was much more convenient to paint and play. 

Much of it is already painted, and you can see my "Orphans" (the name of my Chapter) elsewhere in this blog. Still, it was nice the past couple weeks to take a break from my mandatory projects (Conan, Okko, Zombicides  -- yes plural -- Rise of Moloch and yet-to-arrive Everrain.) Since I have all the Orphan terminators I need to play with painted, I decided to paint up one more squad as if they were "elites" within the chapter. Really, they just have a slightly different paint job (a little more red up top to honour they Blood Angels from which the Orphans were seeded.) I also gussied up my Chaplain a little bit (I added a cape!) He will serve as a proxy sergeant for this new squad. I already have three figures painted for the squad. I'm waiting for better weather to prime the remaining pair.