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Friday, April 8, 2016

Space Hulk, the other Space Cadets

After painting the few Space Cadets figures in monochrome, I reminded myself that I had an unpainted copy of Space Hulk. It was unpainted because I was looking for a good color scheme for my genestealers. I think I was intent on painting everything in full color when I bought the game last year, but today, I tried a few figures in gray.

I think I will stick with the gray. In fact, monochromatic should just be my default setting for painting bad guys in board games. I will probably paint the rest of the genestealers later tonight. The remaining Space Cadet figures can wait (since I already have a full painted set for that game.)

The figure in the photo were all simply drybrushed, starting with dark gray and working up to light gray/almost white. The skulls were give an extra hit of the almost-white, as were a few of the extra sharp edges and accessories (skulls, wings, emblems.)

The terminators will get a heavy dose of rusty armor -- grizzled veterans. That should help speed them along, too. The terminator in the photo is gray because he is a mission objective, all of which will also be in monochrome.

Edit: Genestealers are done already! And here is the scheme I will apply to my terminators:

Friday, April 1, 2016

Space Cadets: Monochrome test

I have a full second set of figures for my Space Cadets game. My first set has been painted and is in full color, but I think I will do my second set in monochrome gray (as was my original intention way back in the beginning during this game's kickstarter campaign.)

This is just a test using one of each of the baddies/aliens in the game. As I do with my Zombicide zombies, I might color code one or two of the similar-looking figures by painting the edge of the base. The thrall (the human fella second from left) has had his face painted with just a little bit of fleshtone to help differentiate him from the others. I don't think it will be enough, so he (and the leader) will probably get the color on their bases.