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Friday, September 25, 2009

Painting desk: Almost there!

The top is finished! But, dangit, it's just too rainy out to be staining the base. The new base (compared to the one pictured) is larger allowing space for a lamp and radio on the opposite side of the shorter section of the paint terrace, and allowing space on the right side of the top for ready-brushes and my water jar. There won't be as much space along the backside as seen in the pics.
I'm happy with it! All the paints I need without having to put them onto my work area; (most) of my supplies readily available out of the supply bins; Remaining supplies will have a shelf to sit on under the base.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Painting desk: Day 4

Construction is done! Needs paint for the top unit and stain/polyurethane for the base. I've found some old (but sturdy) marker holders that fit my tools beautifully and can be dropped into the supply bin.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Oldies but goodies: Leonardo's boys - GW Empire gun crews

I took this pic for a Warhammer forum; But after I took it, I realized, these were the very first figures I repainted in my grand Empire repainting project. And after getting this second look at them, I think they turned out all right! The tan-blue palette seems to work well, and I think this is a good example how a limited palette can unify a military unit despite the different pattern/uniform schemes (take note army painters.)
This crew goes with my watchtower (found elsewhere on this blog); the palette for my army proper consist of red, black and white. I differentiate my regiments by plume color.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

D&D repainted foulspawn and titan beholder

Just a couple more repaints. Nothing new. Though I DID get a huge shipment of basing supplies and greenstuff from Jeff (my miniatures patron.) Thanks, Jeff!! Also, my new shipment of Foundry paints has arrived (I took advantage of their 20% off sale a couple weeks ago.) So, once the desk is done, I will have paints enough to stock it.

Speaking if which, the desk is almost done. Still needs paint racks (which are built) and staining. Charlie also offered the idea of making the paint racks and supply bins as one separate unit that can be taken off the table so that I can use it for other purposes; my first thought was that the desk/table is a perfect size to hold a Blood Bowl board! So, yes, I may be building my own Blood Bowl terrain board sometime in the future- maybe this Fall.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Before and after: A repainted D&D goliath barbarian

I chose to do this particular figure for the purpose of practicing my sword-smithing. I cut off the old floppy plastic greatsword and replaced it with a custom-made falchion hammered out of brass rod on a small (jeweler's) anvil. One minor problem I was having as I hammered away was the flattened rod curling up. This was occuring because the head of my hammer is not flat (I think). I will be seeking out a new hammer with a flat head to it.
On the painting front, I tried the skin with a grayish blue base, but I think it turned out too blue for my taste. It's still better than the 5-cent Taiwan job done to it.
This is another figure for Jeff. I think he has one or two more- I'd like to try my hand at one of those. If you have one, this is actually a good beginner figure if you want to learn to paint. It has just enough detail, a touch of metal, some cloth, leather and fur and wrappings; but nothing is too small for a rookie brush here.
If you don't want to hammer out a new sword blade, this figure can also easily be converted to be swinging an axe, hammer or flail ... or pulling a jumbo jet for a strongman competition

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Workbench update (no, not the new painting table)

Just a quick post to let you know what I'm up to: A few Games Workshop figures on display bases (for my personal mini GW mini museum.) I'm having fun repainting these. That greatsword on the far left was one of the first Warhammer Empire figures I ever bought.
And hidden behind the plume of the halberdier to the right is another D&D prepainted character mini - Goliath barbarian - to whom I've given a new sword. Don't worry about the bad pic, you'll see him finished eventually.

D&D repainted Hooked horror and Thoon hulk

Again, just some drybrushing and picking out details. I will add a new note: I primed these figures simply by brushing on some black craft paint. A couple years ago, I tried priming prepainted figures with Testors matte black, but the primer stayed tacky on the soft plastic. As it turns out, a simple coat of acrylic as a base coat works just fine.
Hmmm, I wonder where all those Star Wars minis went off to....

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Games Workshop classic Empire crossbowman

Here's another random classic GW Empire mini I've painted up and based for display (or for skirmishing.) I've got a few of these Empire figures that just didn't fit into my 20-man regiment scheme, so I'm painting them up to display as a personal museum of some of my first figures (at least, the first figures I've kept through the years.) I also have a Tilean crossbowman who will be painted in classic Tilean colors (red and yellow), though, I'll have to find a decent yellow; I guess it only has to be close.

Painting desk: Day 2

All that remains is the paint rack, supply bin, assembling the top to the base and staining. The lower shelf was also installed; I'll put extra tools and supplies down there along with a few bottles of booze to help me paint.
I'm not sure if we'll be working on it on Monday. It can wait. A lot of hours went in to it the past two days, so it's a good time to take a break.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

20 years of painting

Back in August of 1989, I picked up a couple blisters of Citadel Rogue Trader Imperial Army figures as well as the then-relatively new plastic box set of multi-part Imperial Guard. After a couple days of assembly, and with my cheap, rough brushes, and Testors enamel paint I began my first night of painting. Looking back, those paint jobs were pretty bad- but dammit, I was proud of them!
I've since traded them away (to my high school buddy Brian for my Warhammer Empire fantasy army, which I still have and am currently repainting), but the painting continues! Since then, I've switched from enamels to acrylics, I paint many more makes of figure than just Games Workshop, my painting has improved, and I have began to convert figures and sculpt my own creations to paint.
It's been 20 years (with a four-year break for college) since I began my favorite hobby, and to help commemorate the occasion, I'm having my friend Charlie build me a new painting table based on my own design (with a few corrections, changes and additions of his own.) Here is a short chronicle of that hand-built venture.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


This is actually the second beholder I've painted for Jeff; I plum forgot to take pics of the first one (along with pics of the giant scorpion and jumping spider - all D&D repainted minis.)
Nothing special done or this one; The browns are from cheap craft paint drybrushed on. Some of the highlights around the face were carefully applied, however (as were the teeth and eye.)
All in all, a very lovely model, I think. I may have to find one for myself now. Oh wait- I have Sculpey :)