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Thursday, October 30, 2008


This is another figure from Rackham's Cadwallon Militia box set. For D&D, I will roll him up as a warlord. I kept the colors simple, some Reaper Dark Night/Slate and reds, and some Foundry greys. This figure also is on one of my greenstuff bases, though I've hidden a lot of detail with some overgrown (static) grass (GW).


  1. Mad Painter! This looks really good. I am not a big fan of a lot of the Rackham line, but this fig IS a Warlord! Perhaps I should give their humans another look...I have found that a lot of their other races are "too...."

  2. Dale, I recommend most any of their humans in the Cadwallon line. A couple poses are still a little too "Rackham-esque" for my tastes, but most of the humans (what few they have) in the Cadwallon line are great figs with a styling that balances fantasy with a nice historical look.
    eBay usually has some "decent" (as Rackham goes) prices.