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Friday, April 3, 2015

Zombicide: Companions

These are the companion figures from Zombicide: Angry Neighbors. They serve as allies, adding bonuses and options for the survivors. Since they aren't necessarily full-time survivors, I chose to just give them a speed-painting treatment, using the same drybrush method I use on the zombies.

After drybrushing some base colors over a black base layer, I went in with a slightly more patient brush to pick out a few details such as faces, tools, head wraps and other accessories. All the figures were finally given a light drybrushing of tan to weather them properly for the post-apocalypse. I may yet have a little fun and go back to add some gang colors to the two biker-looking fellows.

I also tried to slow down a touch and paint Mr. T here. He turned out OK. I find it difficult to make camouflage to look like camouflage, but I think it's convincing enough this time around.

All the rest of my survivors from the second shipment of Zombicide Season 3 are primed and ready to be painted, but they'll have to wait because my newest batch of 42mm samurai are also ready to paint.

This Sunday is Zombie Jesus Day! My friends gather and have lunch at Zombie Burger in Des Moines, and then we head home to play a fun game of Zombicide. That's why I hurried through these companion figures; I also painted up my extra (stretch goal) skinner zombies. No need to post them here; you know what they look like. The 20 or so figures only took an hour to get through.


  1. Nice job dude! Enjoy Zombie Jesus Day!

  2. Great work on those allies minis. This is a great collection. :)

    I haven't played a game with those yet so it will be interesting if/when I do. :)

  3. Do you do commission work?
    If so, how do I contact you please?

    1. Sorry, David, I don't do commission work. The closest I come is when I occasionally put some of my already-painted minis up for sale. And sometimes, I paint minis for friends in town.

      I'm always happy to talk you through or give you advice on painting your own figures, though :)

  4. Nice! They remind me of my unsavory neighbors. But jaundiced Jeff and "Chainsaw Charlie" would be too strung out to survive the zombie apocalypse.

    Mr. T is great too. Camo is hard to paint well because it breaks all the rules of mini painting: instead of emphasizing form it obscures it.