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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Zombicide: Film and Television

To scratch the Zombicide itch while I (we) wait for the Black Plague pledge manager, I finished up a few more survivors from the last KS campaign. These are most of the film and TV survivors. It was fun to get back and paint survivors again.

I still have samurai, Mice and Mystics, and Space Cadets on the way. Plenty to paint! I also don't have internet at home anymore, so these posts might slow down a little. Might; I've already slowed a bit the past few months as my painting mojo weakened. It's slowly building again though. Hopefully, my Space Cadets will arrive in the next few days: I have vacation starting this weekend, and I'll be staying home, so I'll have plenty of painting time. Space Cadets equals more monochromatic fun!


  1. I just played my first game of this the other night. We had 10 people playing and the owner had painted all the characters like the cards. Had a great time playing. I told him about your monochrome scheme for the zombies for painting speed sake. Your past figures and these you just did have always been top notch in my book.

    Thanks for the inspiration

  2. Uh... Heisenberg, Dr. House, Rene, The guy from "Anchorman", ______, and Daisy Duke? Seems like a good bunch.

    1. And the last is Liam Neeson from "Taken."
      Or "Taken 2: Electric Boogaloo."