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Monday, December 7, 2015

Birds of a feather

I've started painting my Tail Feathers figures, starting with the birds. They are fun to paint -- easy and fast but still with a nice result.

Just a plain, old crow.
The largest bird has a wingspan of about 5 inches, and the smallest is around 3 3/4 inches. The game lists the birds as crows and starlings (and a blue jay,) but I thought those were to boring. So I'm painting mine as more colorful birds.

I stuck with one bird as a crow, simply because, yeah, a crow should be in there. But instead of having a second crow, I painted the bird to look roughly like an Eastern Kingbird.

Eastern Kingbird (sort of,) but he looks much nicer than that crow.
Before I primed these, I masked the connector sockets off with masking tape. I primed with Army Painter Matte Black Primer, then followed that up with a couple layers of black craft paint (Delta Ceramcoat.) Then I painted as usual, removing the masking tape only after everything was done. The little bit of excess masking tape also provided a little extra hand-hold.

The other birds will come in time; I have other stuff on my plate (on and off the painting table.) But they will all have some color: I have planned the Blue Jay (which is actually what it is in the game,) a Baltimore Oriole and an Eastern Meadowlark.

Oh yeah, I also ordered another copy of the game so I can paint some more birds :)
It will also be nice to have extras of the components, as well as another box in which I can put in some custom battlefoam to carry everything.


  1. To bad, you cant order them all by them self.

    1. I bet in the future -- and this game is perfectly set up for it -- that Plaid Hat Games will release expansion packs which might include simply a bird and a rider or two each (much like the packs for Wings of Glory or X-Wing.)
      I'll be buying those, too :)

      And at least once, they did offer just the figures for the Mice and Mystics game, so maybe they'll do the same here? I wouldn't mind trying some conversions if I had extra birds.

    2. I am thinking they would be perfect for making up a Dragons rampart warband. And for getting the nieces introduced to RPGs when they get a little bit older

  2. may i ask how do you get that greenish and purplish sheen on the it a glaze or do you use some medium to achieve that effect. TIA

    1. It's actually pretty easy: I paint the crow black as normal. I gave it a light drybrushing of dark gray, so as to pull out the highlights a little.
      Then I VERY lightly drybrushed some green on a few areas, and purple on other areas. Keep the drybrushing light so you can build the color up to the level you prefer. That's all!
      I think a glaze would also work, but I prefer the drybrushing because there's no drying time and I can adjust color on the fly.

    2. Thanks....will definitely try that on my copy