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Thursday, August 11, 2016

It rained

It rained, so I sketched from the window of the coffee shop I was at.
Also, I picked up a second copy of Tail Feathers (by Plaid Hat Games.) Now, I can play four-player games, and I also have enough ground troops to where I can devote some exclusively to Mice and Mystics (you can trade in one character fro three Oakguard.) A year or two ago, I bought a second copy of the Mice and Mystics figures when they were being sold, so I also have M&M figures devoted to Tail Feathers. Really, I should just put together a Big Box to hold everything.

I also saw a copy of Downwood Tales in the clearance section of my FLGS, so I might go pick that up soon just to have the extra little baddies with which I can began to houserule a Mice and Mystics mass battle system.

But mostly, I just want to paint more cute, little animals. Anyway, here's that drawing of the rain.


  1. Wow mate, that's a real nice sketch.

  2. Great sketch Carmen. I just picked up Tail Feathers as well and am anxious to try them out.

    1. Oh boy, Tail Feathers!
      I picked up a second copy a couple weeks ago and just finished painting the ground forces. Still have some work to go on the birds.
      I hope you enjoy yours!

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