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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Zombicide Black Plague: STILL not done

A game such as Zombicide is great because the zombies paint up fast (at least for me when I paint them monochromatically), and you only need a few characters painted to play -- Ok, ok, you don't NEED to paint anything to play -- but really, you do ;)

I've had quite a few survivors painted -- more than enough to play -- but after introducing Elizabeth to the game, she warmed up to quickly to the gameplay. This inspired me to paint a few more survivors. So here they are along with a few notes and random information.

I still have a score or more of survivors left to paint, but these represent the last of my "favorite" survivors. Elizabeth and I even like to make our own custom characters to take to war against the zombies (that's while you see the random Conan and Bossonian archer figure among the photos below.)

The Critchlow box didn't interest me at first, and then I finished painting it, and now it's one of my top two
(along with the Adrian Smith box)

Elizabeth and I love to take "themed" teams of survivors into the fray, including all-female, armored knights,
and this group of dwarves only. In fact, we've decided this is a whole family -- I forget right now who was related
to whom, but I know that's Uncle Thundergut on the far right.
The Gipi box was my early favorite. Not much anymore, but still great figures. Celia, though, is a great
character to have in a game (she comes with heal, I think.)

Most of our "armored" survivors themed team. Mostly figures from Jovem Nerd, plus Mizar from the Bonner box.

Bossonian archer and Conan -- extra figures I got from eBay specifically to play in Zombicide as custom survivors.
And then there's Gaak who I didn't know how to classify yet. Maybe the dwarves will let him play with them.
I don't own Heroquest, but I own Zombicide. These are various pieces from Conan and Reaper. We actually don't
use the chests anymore as objectives, instead using the furniture as themed objectives. We have house rules on how
to use these (including when there are hidden colored objectives,) but it's too long to explain here; I just wanted to show
off all our fun scenery -- and Blackheart the wizard.