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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Tedious work, fittings and framing

I've finished framing the windows and doors. It's just a simple basswood, 1-beam frame. I'm not doing molded, double-hung windows here- this is an amateurish effort at best anyway; though I still want the final item to look nice. I've also received some fittings from Bluejacket, a ship model supply company in Maine. The fittings are priced OK; shipping was a bit on the high side, but everything arrived inside of two days. I also have attached hinges to doors and just have to install the doors. The ships wheel and a custom-built binnacle (by me) is primed and will be the first thing to be painted! The ship is essentially done after the doors and wheel are installed! I'll actually prime the ship before installing the doors. Other details like rope, tarps and railing can be put on after painting. This way, I'll have a finished ship that can be gradually "campaigned." My original estimate of 20-30 hours (is that what I said?) seems to have been an accurate one; I'm up to about 20 hours now and have just the painting and minor details. Oh- and I still need to find a gun for the foredeck; this also can be added after painting.

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