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Friday, February 8, 2008

Copplestone critter killers

Mark Copplestone, of Copplestone Castings (see my links) comes through again! I ordered some British naval officers and a gardner/nordfelt gun, anad he's sending me other armaments as well! Along with the gun I built last night, I'm set to have a well-protected steamer. I guess I can call it a gunboat now.

I'll look at the polls later I set up at a couple forums to help me decide on the name of the ship. A naval veteran informed me it is bad luck to name a shi on Friday, so I'll do the final check Saturday and paint up the ship's name.

I'm really happy with how my ship turned out. I didn't take too many shortcuts. The biggest one, though, was instead of actually planking the deck houses, I painted them to look as if they were planked. It still turned out nice. Along with the new gun, the crew and guns coming from Copplestone, I think the entire project will have taken about 30-32 hours.

Though she is relatively unarmed, my first game with her will be either this Sunday or next Sunday at Mayhem Comics here in Ames (Iowa.) She's headed to rescue an expedition trying to find it's way out of a Lost World.

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