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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Some oldies but goodies

This is it; these are some of the first miniatures I ever bought (freshman year of high school, 1988.) Brand-spanking new back then, these are out of production now (Still can be found on eBay. Does GW still sell these as bits?)

A note though, this is not the original paint job I gave them- what a sad effort of applying color it was back then. I've learned a few things since, and have started to strip the old paint and repaint my entire (Games Workhop) Empire army. These were the first units I finished. The going is slow, only because I am doing the repainting between other projects. And, as you can see throughout this blog, I've given myself plenty to do.

But these two units sit on a shelf next to my favorite chair, so that every time I look over at them, I remind myself, "I should really paint up another unit of them old fellows."


  1. Really great looking unit there, EC. :) My own finished empire units are some of my favorutes as well. They are definately aging though, and the paint jobs are looing rougher and rougher as the years go by.

    Definately time to paint another unit of them for me too. Thanks for the reminder. :)


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