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Sunday, July 19, 2009

In-progress updates: Giant snake and Conan conversion

It's been a while since I slung some Sculpey. I've been on a Conan (the Cimmerian) kick, and I've been toying with throwing together a small collection of Conan-related minis -- Conan, women, sorcerers and a giant snake. The snake came first because I wanted a reason to sculpt again. It actually wasn't too difficult to make; what you see is about an hour's work, including 20 minutes of baking time. I'm pretty sure I could do a better job at the detail, but I don't have the patience, especially for all those scales which I think makes the best snake sculpts. Nope, this project was just for fun, and will make a nice little addition to my Conan collection.

I also decided to convert yet another figure into a Conan-ish copy. This time, the conversion started with Heresy's Berserk Boris figure. My only addition (other than some gap-filling) was hair on top of Boris's bald head. I was a little daunted; I had never sculpted long hair yet. Ok, I've done a few beards, but getting hair to look like it fit the head had always been a problem with my skills. This time, it turned out just fine! This figure is still a bit thick on muscles to be a great Conan (Conan is described as tall and muscular though somewhat compact.) Still, this will be a fun figure for the collection, and will make a nice human barbarian for D&D if I should play such a character.

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