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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Reaper 3205 travelling monk

Well, I went a little nuts with the robe, adding a little color variation here and there. I'm happy with the bit on the bottom of his robe, a reflection/effect of what magic may be kept in his bag. The purple/blue on his shoulder needs a little bit of work, but it's ok as is.
This figure as a D&D character will be that of a monk who has left his monastery to seek converts. He is a travelling showman, a magician entertainer whose "magic" is really a bunch of alchemical tricks (These tricks can/will also be used as utility weapons in battle.) Through his shows, he can observe the audience searching for those who have the right qualities for possibly becoming new converts.


  1. You must be one of the most prolific painters on the web. It seems that hardly a day goes by without you posting pictures of your latest project. Either you’re a fast painter or all your free time is taken up with painting!

    Keep up the excellent work. Your site is always a pleasure to visit.

  2. And now I'm working on some goblins. But first, time to get back to some Conan the Cimmerian reading (the Del Ray collection.)