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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Some more Games Workshop

Here are another couple Games Workshop figures. Johann the Knife is a figure from the company's Mordheim range (still available.) I was looking for a figure to be a duelist for D&D and Johann fit the bill, with a minor conversion: I took the knife out of his left hand and replaced it with a cup-hilted rapier. The rapier blade was a length of brass rod I hammered out on a jeweler's anvil. The point was clipped and filed to shape. The cup hilt is simply some green stuff formed around the blade and hand after the blade had been glued in. Duelist!

The other figure is one of my favorite Empire hero minis. I have two of them, one that is captaining a handgunner regiment in my repainted army, and this one, which I will rebase to go along with my classic Empire mini museum. This is one of my better "early" (about 8 years ago) paint jobs. I'd like to preserve the paint during the rebasing process, but if anything goes horribly wrong, I'll have this photographic archive.

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  1. Very nice job as usual, my favorite of the two is Johann the Knife. Very nice job, I wish I had skill with the paintbrush, I'm still learning. Eventually maybe I'll have my own Hall of Fame...