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Friday, August 5, 2011

Apocalators are under way

I've finally begun working on my apocalators (post-apocalyptic gladiators for those who aren't regular visitors to my blog.) Two of these figures will have the basic sword-and-shield setup, the female close to a thraex in her armor combo, and the male (with the octagon shield) will essentially be a murmillo. My Qwik figures will serve as a filler fighters with two-handed weapons, chains, etc.; These current figures are simply to give more options to my post-apoc gladiatorial combats.

The fellow with the bulkhead for a shield will be armed with a hand flamethrower. And no, I don't have any rules for it yet, but when I asked for some ideas for post-apoc weaponry, someone at my local gamestore said one of the fighters should have a flamethrower. I thought how unfair that would be to the other fighters: Perfect.

You might also notice I'm not at Gencon. My ride fell through; too long of a story. But I've saved myself transportation and hotel money, and still got the week off. I've spent a little bit of money on boardgames this week, picking up Shogun (Queen's Games version), Factory Fun (think Galaxy Trucker+Factory Floor), Nemo's War and Zulu's on the Ramparts (both from Victory Point Games ... Have you visited them yet?)

When hell at work dies down in February (or if I win the lottery), I should have time to play some boardgames.


  1. They look great. I am really tempted to try some sculpting on those dollies. Just need a very small and manageable project. Haven't done much sculpting.

  2. Very nice work on your figures. I'm also interested in trying some sculpting . Where does one get those figures at?

    1. Bronze Age Miniatures. These all started off as 54mm "generic figures," which are available in 32mm, too.