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Monday, August 1, 2011

Flash Point: Fire Rescue game

While I'm on the subject of games by micro-publishers, I happened across a little yet-to-be published gem over at Boardgame Geek. The game is called Flash Point: Fire Rescue, and it satisfies a couple conditions that have been drawing me to certain games lately -- smalltime publisher, solitaire suitable, and a theme not usually seen in the boardgame world. And that theme, of course, is firefighters vs. fire. The only other (non-abstract) firefighter game I can think of right off is Smokejumpers.

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In Flash Point, your team of firefighters not only must battle smoke and flames, but they must search for victims and be wary of hazardous/volatile materials. The game board is a gridded map of a home. The players spend action points so that their firefighter(s) can accomplish specific tasks. Some firefighters are specialists, able to do some actions for free or for fewer AP. That's the quick basics of the game.

Now here's the rub: The game is VERY indie, and has yet to be published. Mostly because the designer is currently seeking funding for the game. He set an original goal ($5,000 I think?) which was quickly met, but the maps were to be unmounted at that point, and folks were requesting mounted maps. Well, the designer decided to set a new goal that would fund mounted maps. That new goal is $15,000. A couple weeks ago, I saw this new goal and thought it would be difficult to reach. Today, I looked, and the funding level is almost to $14,000! So I'm helping to spread the word (nope, I'm not getting anything in return for this effort; this post wasn't solicited.)

Anyway, go take a look at the funding page here. The rules are also available for download at that link so that you can see how the game plays before deciding if you want to back it.
You can also learn more about the game at Board Game Geek here.

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