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Monday, November 21, 2011

Eyecandy reruns

Just so that my blog doesn't get too stale while I'm on a painting hiatus, here are a couple new photos ("eyecandy") of stuff I've painted in the past ("reruns.")

If you want to see new photos of anything you've seen here before, just drop a comment, and I'll take the photos. At least I'll get a touch of photo practice if not painting practice.


  1. With those dramatic poses, that bottom picture looks like a scene from an opera. Excellent work!

  2. And you know what? I think I'd like to paint a bunch of characters from an opera. That sounds like a great project idea -- complete with a backdrop and stage scenery.

    And it's something that could easily be done with repurposed figures. I need to pick an opera. And finding the right figures might take a while depending on the opera chosen.

    Stuff to think about.

  3. Technically not an opera... but I think it would be cool to do Sweeney Todd!

  4. I'd like some pics of your Samurais Red Sand Blue Sky game conversion. We are also busy with your idea and would like to see more on your take on the samurai conversion. Maybe some more details on what rules you use and which ones not?
    We also started playing with the samurais Red Sand Blue Sky and we are busy with the rules. Definitely would like to have some comparison and maybe new ideas on the rules!

  5. An opera WOULD be pretty cool! Ideally one with reconizable sets/costumes. (each shot could also have a relivant supertitle to help)

    As for other picture ideas, I woudl love to see more of your D&D figures, particularly as I am working on some currently myself.

  6. Samurai and D&D- got it. Oh- D&D repaints? My History of D&D class figures? Or just all of my fantasy figures in general that I've used for D&D?

    Tom, I didn't do much conversion work with RSBS. It was almost 100% a simple reskin. You'll just need to redo the armor selection on the character sheets (and make a decision on things such as if samurai armor should count as "A" or "L.") A katana is a 2h sword (and I make my games more bloody by making any result of more than two wounds and automatic bleeder.)

    Hmm, I guess I don't have ranged rules yet (for archers and arquebusers.) BUT it sounds like Ed is getting the final touches onto the fantasy supplement to RSBS, and I bet it will have some ranged rules.

  7. I was thinking more of your D&D characters, but really all of it would be welcome.

  8. Great Mordhiem type gang there-nice colors,especially what I percieve to be the command types in purple. Is that a Foundry Fellow as one of your officers?

  9. That is indeed a Foundry fellow. A couple of the other figures also are actually Mordheim figures (a couple of Empire youngbloods.)