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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Reruns: D&D

Here are a few of my D&D figures as requested. Also- I think my painting drought is soon to come to an end; Taking pics of my samurai led to me ordering a few more of the zen warriors. Not much -- an ashigaru, a couple samurai, and an ikko ikki monk -- but still enough that might snap me out of this funk.


  1. Do you have a list of the minis you used for this set? I really like them! Your phenomenal paintjob helps, of course... ;)

  2. Top pic (all descriptions starting from the left) Reaper Warlords No. 14481 Elf sniper, and Confrontation Kelt Sessair- Kyran the Hunter.

    Next pic: Figure in the Militia box set from Rackham's Cadwallon range; Confrontation Kelt Sassair Danu warrior; Another figure from the Militia box; Confrontation wizard- Misan the Clairvoyant; and Reaper No. 2371 Nord Kegbreaker (converted.)

    Third pic: Reaper No. 3205 Friar Stone (converted with longspear); Games Workshop Mordheim's Johann the Knife (converted with hammered brass sword); Reaper Pathfinder No. 60064 Nature Warden; Reaper No. 3051 Orin Ramheim (hammer replaced with axe); Privateer Press Warmachine mercenary Bloody Bradigan; and Reaper No. 3282 Urich, adventuring fighter.

    Bottom pic: Reaper No. 3389 Deckard Neightveil/death priest; Reaper No. 3362 Kjell Bloodbear/barbarian; and Rackham Confrontation/Dogs of War Mercenary Officer.

    As you can see, I like a good mix of companies. All of those Confrontation figures are out of print, but you can find them easily enough on eBay. There may be other conversions among these that I forgot to mention.

  3. Thanks for posting these, they are great figures, and well painted.

    It is a pity (for me) that the Confrontation figures are so tall, because otherwise they would fit nicely into my current D&D project. On the other hand maybe that is a money saver...