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Saturday, December 31, 2011

42mm samurai: Working on the peasant's house

I guess the building itch hit me early, and just at the right time (I had three hours of free time), so I got most of it finished. I still need to work on the roof (not sure if I'll use toweling or fake fur for the thatch- or maybe even sculpey??) I had originally intended to do the roof later; Usually when I build, I do everything all at once, and since the roof comes last, I tend to build it in a rush. Since I'm saving this roof for later, I hope to do a better job of it.

The construction of the main structure here was pretty easy. I drew up some plans, and glued together some modular walls (as seen below.) This time around, I actually calculated how much wood I would need (and only had about 6 inches of wood left over after finishing.) I decided not to recreate any teahouses or specific architecture, instead going for a generic "Japanese" look.

I built the raised floor as a separate piece, giving me a solid base on which I could glue the wall sections. Before gluing the walls to the base, I painted everything (to make it easy to get the brush where it needed to be.) I added a couple layers of framing around the top of the walls to give the roof an even base to work with, and to give the structure more strength- And it's strong; I wouldn't stand on it, but this house just feels more robust than any of my card buildings. Anyway- here's some photos!


  1. Great looking house, love your 42mm scale stuff. Keep up the brilliant work in 2012.

    All the Best


  2. Looks great. I have built a few Japanese structures for my skirmish stuff in 28mm. Most based on a bunch of reasrch work. Fun stuff and challenging since its not very western like in it's construction. You can see one in the banner of my blog. Have fun. Glad to see you doing again.

  3. Great work as usual. Over the holidays I was looking for some stuff in my garage and found a pretty big collection of old D&D metal minis. I think they came out around the release of 3rd Ed, but I couldn't swear on it.

    You immediately came to mind. Do you have any interest in it? Wasn't sure how else to get in touch with you except a comment. Sorry. :)

  4. No thank you, but I appreciate the sentiment.

    I've been going through my own stuff seeing what to get rid of next.

  5. 0.0'

    That's all I can say, AWESOME!!!

    I was disconnected from your blog for a while and what do I found? tons of good stuff!!

    Keep on Carmen!!!!