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Sunday, January 29, 2012

42mm samurai: Painting has begun

I started painting the new batch of samurai. I've finished applying the flesh layers as well as almost finishing my swordmaster. I was thinking about what I could use for Asian flesh tones (I forgot what I used last time; I need to start taking notes- or look for the notes I took a few years ago.) In the end, I simply used what I use for caucasian flesh tones- I just left off the last highlight. I think it looks just fine.

I'm fully happy with the head swap, too. The neck seams are mostly hidden, and the heads seem to fit their new bodies well- especially the fellow with the nagimaki at the ready, yelling his war cry as he prepares to receive the enemy.

I also still plan on doing this ninja in a red get-up, though, I may tone it down just a touch by doing her mostly in brown but with red highlights.

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