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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hasslefree goblin

I spotted this little guy while surfing the net. He is Buckle, a goblin pirate by Hasslefree. The figure comes with a separate scabbarded cutlass, but I replaced it with a custom rapier. The figure comes with a 20mm slottabase, but I replaced it with one of my 25mm self-made flagstone bases.

The rapier is made from one piece of brass rod which has been hammered just a bit to square it up. The guard is made from a scrap of cured greenstuff (save your cured greenstuff!) The straps holding the rapier are simply a triangle piece of paper, glued into place.

This is a tiny figure, especially since I'm painting 42mm samurai right now. The face was difficult to paint; I dug out some tiny brushes I hadn't used in a while to get the job done.

I've been wanting to play a goblin as my next D&D character, and this sculpt won out (I like my characters to have a nautical theme.) I wanted him to be a fighter/thief, and that's why I gave him a rapier instead of the cutlass. Oh- the orange skin: The original editions of D&D described goblins as having skin tones ranging from deep red to orange to yellow -- no green here. It was nice and refreshing to do a skin color I hadn't done before.


  1. Great figure! Should fit in well with the other nautical figures from Reaper as well.

  2. Very nice. I have always liked this fig. And I love orange skin goblioid races.