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Sunday, March 23, 2014

More Zombicide painting: Black and White

While I await some brand-spanking new samurai, I've returned to painting some of my Zombicide zombies. I painted my latest bunch (30-40 figures) in about two hours. I simplified my process to three greys and white for white clothing, which helped keep the painting time down. I have some runners, dogs and fatties yet to do for the standard zombies. (Though, I'm also buying a copy of the Season 1 box, so I'll have all the standard zombies I'll ever need.)

I'm hoping to get all my zombies painted before the next Kickstarter (or at least the standard zombies done before the new samurai arrive). I also still have plenty of zombivors to paint.


  1. They look superb and to be able to get so many table ready in a short space of time is definitely a bonus

  2. Another thing I forgot to mention: The paint job is DURABLE! I'm not sure what it is -- the Testors flat black I use as a primer on this kind of plastic? All the colors being drybrushed on? The Vallejo paint? -- But this paint stays on and will not chip off very easily/ I comfortably just throw all my zombies into an extra Zombicide box, and they do fine ... for now.

  3. Yep I love the way you are handling your Zcide paintjobs. It works perfect for keeping them identifiable as to type, while making them look amazing in the game.