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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Do you want some Ghostbuster miniatures?

... Well you sure as hell can't have any of my little homemade gems. But Crooked Dice Games will be releasing some lovely little figures in September! Here's a link to photos on their Facebook page.

Photo by Crooked Dice Game Design Studio
I haven't added to my collection in a long time; I think the last thing I still have on my want list is a proper Ecto-1 in 1/43 scale (which exists -- I'm just looking for a good price.)

So I'll probably pass up on these figures since I already have a crew, but I may go for some of the extra equipment; I wouldn't mind having some proper-looking ghost traps ... and maybe a new Slimer.

Next week will end with some fun: It's the 30th anniversary of Ghostbusters, and our local theater (as well as others nationwide) will be showing Ghostbusters for a full week -- five shows a night! I hope you all are lucky enough to have showings in your town.


  1. Are they based on "inspector" types from Heresy. Looking good.

  2. I've already modified my own vehicle (and it looks lovely,) I just wanted a replica of the actual movie vehicle to add to the collection :)

    Now, if I could find a specific (and cheap) 1:43 1959 Buick ambulance, I might try to make my own movie replica. I've looked before, and the prices, I think, were comparable to the Ecto-1 by Hot Wheels.