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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Zombicide: Color coding Z types

I got a request to show the different zombie types to illustrate my color scheme.
The base colors denote the type of zombie (standard, berserker and toxic.)

For the subsets (walker, runner, fatty,) I only needed to make one change; I added a ring of red color around the runners' bases. I figured the difference between walkers and fatties (and abominations) was enough that I didn't need to add anything for differentiation.

The figure with the white ring is a tentative idea to identify VIP zombies, though I may go with a new idea which will be to add blood to the VIP zombies. Then I can use the white rings for another idea as explained below.

In gameplay, the red-ringed bases seems to be plenty to readily identify the runners, so I will stick with that system. For skinner zombies, I may just paint them gray just like a standard zombie, but give them the white ring. This way, I'll have the option to use the skinner zombies as either standard grays or as skinners.
The seekers will simply get a new base color (which I haven't decided on yet.)