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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Orange, Apple and Mouse

I haven't painted any minis in the past week, but I've still been throwing paint. Here's a portrait of Mouse. Technically, Mouse is indeed minis-related: I didn't start drawing and painting him until after I began playing "Mice and Mystics." I haven't played the game in a while, but the inspired art still pervades. I used some of my craft acrylics as well as some of my minis paints for this (on canvas.) The Vallejo paints were nice; they stayed wet for a good time, allowing me to blend colors for longer.

Though, I haven't been been painting any minis, I have been working on making a new terrain board for my samurai. I helped my friend Bryon build his own terrain board and it gave me the itch to make my own. When It's done, I'll do a complete post about it. It'll be sweet. It has a small waterfall.


  1. Hah, he forgot the cheese! Nice painting.

  2. Superb! reminds me of Mouseguard too :)

    I'm still between M&M, Arcadia quest and other "minis" boargames like gears of war or Tannhauser. Fact is that M&M always looked too story focused o me, wich may be bad for my usual group of players (light games) but might fit for me and wife.

    Striking blue you've got here Mr.