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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Zombicide: VIP zombies

I'm slowly but surely getting back into painting. I thought a good way to take it easy but still feel like I got a lot done was to finish up some more monochromatic zombies. So I painted my VIP zombies from Season 3 of Zombicide.

I used the same old method as the normal gray zombies, adding white (light gray, actually) around the edge of the base to denote their VIP status. I didn't pick out as many (or any?) details as I usually do -- I wanted to finish these fast -- but the effect still works, and these will look fine in a game.

Since I'm not using zombivors in any of my games, I think I will paint them (around 30) also as VIP zombies, but I will paint them to fit in with my skinner zombies. Hopefully, Guillotine Games will offer a separate box of skinners so that I can paint up some crawlers as VIPs, too.


  1. Hi, I've been checking out your monochrome work and it has inspired me to actually buy paint and learn paint for the first time!

    I just have a question before I buy anything. What do you do with the bases after they are stained with paint from the miniature? Do you have a different (cheaper) paint that you can go to town with to cover up?

    Also you don't seem to use or mention anything about dark shade post-painting followed by a matte spray to remove the glossy effect from the shade.
    A lot of people online seem to swear by this step. If I keep my miniatures all in a toolbox, should I do these 2 steps?


    1. I just paint over the bases with a cheap black craft paint.
      Here's the order I do everything:
      1: Prime with Army Painter black primer. It will usually be glossy after it dries.
      2: A thin coat of black craft paint (I use Delta Ceramcoat.) This gives the primer a matte finish and adds some tooth for the paint to grab onto.
      3: Paint as usual.
      4; Fix the bases with a little black paint. Done! :)

      I don't use any varnish. The above recipe is pretty strong, stronger than any of my primed and varnished metal figures for sure. I just toss all my zombies into a pile and haven't had any problems.