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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

42mm Samurai: Ladies

Here's another of the brand new figures in Steve Barber's samurai range.
The figure comes with the parasol. The lady in green, I've used a piece of brass rod to create a walking stick.

The more ornate orange kimono was very easy to paint. I started by painting the entire kimono orange, then painting a couple areas of grey which was blended into the orange. Then I highlighted as usual (layering with Foundry triads.)
Next came the tree trunks and branches in black. After that dried, I stippled some blue blossoms over the tree, followed with another stippling of light blue to highlight the blossoms.
And finally, a simple three-dot pattern was repeated to fill in empty areas. I finished with the obi and repeated the kimono pattern on the parasol.

She will accompany my little kago retinue.

Close up, it looks OK, but the effect is great from afar (I paint my figures to be viewed from afar, such as when you're playing them on a gaming table.) Ornate floral patterns really only need to be inferred rather than painted in detail (unless you're trying to win a painting competition.)

I kept the lady in green much simpler. She was my test figure to get a feel for the new sculpt. This sculpt is amazingly easy to paint. If you're looking something fun and easy to paint, I recommend this one.


  1. Very nice painting work ! Very impresive !

  2. More inspiration. I can not remember do you have buildings for 42mm? Or is every one fighting over bridges and the like

    1. I only have my one small peasants house:

      I also have lots of accessories (rice bails, barrels etc) for obstructions. But I'd love to build myself a small tea house or shrine, or maybe another house or two for nice start at a street scene. I've also toyed with the idea of doing an urban facade/backdrop so that all the action can be in an urban scene, though, all in the street (no interior fighting.)

  3. Loving all the 42mm Japanese figures. Cracking work.

    1. More to come!
      I should have ordered more ladies; they're fun to paint.

  4. Wonderful, Carmen, absolutely wonderful!